Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Boating Attire ?!

 Here are some snippets of the outfits from our awesomely outrageously INSANE HOUSEBOATING TRIP! We could not have asked for a better weekend. The weather was perfect... The people were ideal... and most importantly: everyone SURVIVED!  One day I WILL get this song out of my head:
This boat rope necklace from H & M was such a hit!!! I wore it the entire weekend and it somehow matched all of my costumes. I brought 20 bathing suits and had sooo many costume changes... Pretty funny stuff HAHAHA!
PARTY VESTS! Complete with glow sticks and pleather ;)
Another jean party vest... And mullet
Nothing wrong with fluorescent & fleece
Like my hubby's pink fleece shorts ?!
Hawt shirt
Water wings, mesh and cut off denim OW OW OW!
Do you like to dancey dance?
One of the only photos of our renowned "Sparkle Party"... My pink romper is actually my husband's mother's from the 1960's. The back swoops super low and has ruffles as well. Gotta love the leather vests, sparkles and spandex in this photo.

SPARKLE PARTY! Oh.. It happened
MY shirt! Hehe
The morning after the Sparkle Party HAHA!
Fairy Princess!
short shortssss!
Spider man spider man
Best photo of the weekend? I think so ;)
I think I had a good time :D

Monday, August 22, 2011

Boat Attire!

Hey ya'll!!! Hope you are having a fabulous summer and enjoying what's left of it... It has started to get a bit colder in the mornings I have noticed... But that won't stop me from purchasing some fun HOUSE BOATING GEAR! The theme is Sparkle Party... You heard me... Take a look at this video for some inspiration: 
Although some of the guys have objected I think this theme highlights a number of major themes: 80's, tight & bright, short shorts, and RANDOMNESS! I LOVE IT!!!! I have a full length, hot pink romper with flared legs that I found at my mother in law's house and a few other looks to debut.. Stay tuned for photos after this crazy upcoming weekend. Take a look at these two other purchases I scored for house boating!:
New black bathing suit from La Vie En Rose for only $24.99! It pays to wait until the end of summer for smoking deals on bathing suits and summer gear that we don't even have a long enough season of to justify paying regular price.
How perfect is this nautical necklace?! I think it looks like boat rope and will look great with my new kini! I found this at H & M for $14.99
UGGH! I didn't buy this hat but I keep thinking about it... Might have to go back.. Only $17.95. It also comes in black and purple. Perfect floppy hat for the beach!... Although it's felt ? Maybe more of a fall thing anyways.....

Thursday, August 11, 2011


BAHAHA "Broke is the new Rich" to I SHOPPED! Well... A girl's go to do what a girls got to do for houseboating correct?! I am so pumped to head houseboating at the end of August and I NEED some new duds to feel fabulous on the boat and get some funky stuff for my bikini's right!? Thanks for helping me justify. Even though I felt a TAD guilty I felt a whole lot better when the gal in front of me spent $695 on TWO dresses at Aritzia... Same dress, one beige, one brown. Wowza. This was a speed shop and there are some great summer deals on right now. I was a bit disappointed that H & M is nearly cleaned out of summer stuff but alas here is what I found:
ROMPERLICIOUS vol. 4... I am a bit famous for my romper purchases and debuts.. This is my fourth romper I am proud to announce. I found it at H & M for $17.95 and it is so comfortable.
Close up of the pattern
I got this super soft maxi dress for only $5 on sale at H & M!!! WOOP! Love it!
I got this mint "Community" button up at Aritzia for $34.99- regular $85. I love the color and this top would be great for work or even a bathing suit cover up. It has a great jersey material on the sides and cotton everywhere else. SCORE!
Crop tops are all the rage this summer... I got this little number at Aritzia on sale for $14.99 from $40. Don't think I would ever spend $40 on something like this but it's so comfortable and I think I will pair it with high waisted shorts or a skirt and I have a bikini that matches the colors perfectly. :D
Also got some cute new kinckers from La Senza with a gift card I had... I love lunch time shopping sprees!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

BROKE is the new RICH

AMEN! Saw this today and completely related to it right now! Being a sugar mama can be overrated at times but I'm LOVING having my husband stay at home so he can catch up on his life again. He is back in shape, our yard looks the best it ever has and he is HAPPY!!! SO WORTH IT! Here is a text I just received from him as I write this.. Not even joking: "the church people returned today. they remembered my name. and they had a new pamphlet for me"... #HouseHusbandProblems... The other day I asked him to check the mail and he responded "the mailman does not come until 1 pm" ... So funny compared to his previous career working 14 hours a day, 7 days a week at times. He completely deserves this break... 
But ALAS: thus the shortage on shopping blog posts. I don't have as big of a disposable income so I have been finding creative ways to feel as though I still get some shopping in and dining splurges. I have a stack of gift cards with a few dollars here and there on them so have been hitting up Winners, and other places to finish them off. 
Let's just say: WILL WORK FOR SHOES! I definitely returned the bottles to get this bikini I was pining over at Winners and it is SO cute! I have also gone through my closet and dug into the deepest depths and found a TON of stuff I have completely forgot about... It was like shopping in my own closet. 
"Upcycling" is huge right now... Finding other purposes for items instead of throwing them away. Let's be honest... Upcycling is the new black! It's green, it's fun, it's resourceful and CHEAP! Here are some of my favorites!:
Old frame & some lace. SMART!
Snag the shower cap from a hotel room to pack dirty shoes
Old rake for necklaces! LOVE!
Soap pump from a mason jar!
BRILLIANT! TV stand --> Kid's play kitchen
Make your own key chain with pennies/coins from your year of birth, the year you were married, kid's birthday etc.
Cheap and easy bird feeder
An old drawer with legs = cute side table
Popsicle sticks for gift tags
Kitty/puppy bed ?!
Yep. I have a thing for mason jars.
Guitar picks made from old credit cards
Circuit board necklace
Better than laying on the front lawn that's for sure
Upcycle Altoids containers
Great use for an old pallet. LOVE. THIS.
I have tons of left over corks! HmMmMm!
Court! This one reminded me of you!!!
Mason jarsssssss BAH!
Even better for a grater!
Wow! What a difference.
Feeling inspired ?!?! I shall go back to my bagged lunch now ;)