Monday, August 22, 2011

Boat Attire!

Hey ya'll!!! Hope you are having a fabulous summer and enjoying what's left of it... It has started to get a bit colder in the mornings I have noticed... But that won't stop me from purchasing some fun HOUSE BOATING GEAR! The theme is Sparkle Party... You heard me... Take a look at this video for some inspiration: 
Although some of the guys have objected I think this theme highlights a number of major themes: 80's, tight & bright, short shorts, and RANDOMNESS! I LOVE IT!!!! I have a full length, hot pink romper with flared legs that I found at my mother in law's house and a few other looks to debut.. Stay tuned for photos after this crazy upcoming weekend. Take a look at these two other purchases I scored for house boating!:
New black bathing suit from La Vie En Rose for only $24.99! It pays to wait until the end of summer for smoking deals on bathing suits and summer gear that we don't even have a long enough season of to justify paying regular price.
How perfect is this nautical necklace?! I think it looks like boat rope and will look great with my new kini! I found this at H & M for $14.99
UGGH! I didn't buy this hat but I keep thinking about it... Might have to go back.. Only $17.95. It also comes in black and purple. Perfect floppy hat for the beach!... Although it's felt ? Maybe more of a fall thing anyways.....

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