Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Boating Attire ?!

 Here are some snippets of the outfits from our awesomely outrageously INSANE HOUSEBOATING TRIP! We could not have asked for a better weekend. The weather was perfect... The people were ideal... and most importantly: everyone SURVIVED!  One day I WILL get this song out of my head:
This boat rope necklace from H & M was such a hit!!! I wore it the entire weekend and it somehow matched all of my costumes. I brought 20 bathing suits and had sooo many costume changes... Pretty funny stuff HAHAHA!
PARTY VESTS! Complete with glow sticks and pleather ;)
Another jean party vest... And mullet
Nothing wrong with fluorescent & fleece
Like my hubby's pink fleece shorts ?!
Hawt shirt
Water wings, mesh and cut off denim OW OW OW!
Do you like to dancey dance?
One of the only photos of our renowned "Sparkle Party"... My pink romper is actually my husband's mother's from the 1960's. The back swoops super low and has ruffles as well. Gotta love the leather vests, sparkles and spandex in this photo.

SPARKLE PARTY! Oh.. It happened
MY shirt! Hehe
The morning after the Sparkle Party HAHA!
Fairy Princess!
short shortssss!
Spider man spider man
Best photo of the weekend? I think so ;)
I think I had a good time :D

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