Wednesday, August 3, 2011

BROKE is the new RICH

AMEN! Saw this today and completely related to it right now! Being a sugar mama can be overrated at times but I'm LOVING having my husband stay at home so he can catch up on his life again. He is back in shape, our yard looks the best it ever has and he is HAPPY!!! SO WORTH IT! Here is a text I just received from him as I write this.. Not even joking: "the church people returned today. they remembered my name. and they had a new pamphlet for me"... #HouseHusbandProblems... The other day I asked him to check the mail and he responded "the mailman does not come until 1 pm" ... So funny compared to his previous career working 14 hours a day, 7 days a week at times. He completely deserves this break... 
But ALAS: thus the shortage on shopping blog posts. I don't have as big of a disposable income so I have been finding creative ways to feel as though I still get some shopping in and dining splurges. I have a stack of gift cards with a few dollars here and there on them so have been hitting up Winners, and other places to finish them off. 
Let's just say: WILL WORK FOR SHOES! I definitely returned the bottles to get this bikini I was pining over at Winners and it is SO cute! I have also gone through my closet and dug into the deepest depths and found a TON of stuff I have completely forgot about... It was like shopping in my own closet. 
"Upcycling" is huge right now... Finding other purposes for items instead of throwing them away. Let's be honest... Upcycling is the new black! It's green, it's fun, it's resourceful and CHEAP! Here are some of my favorites!:
Old frame & some lace. SMART!
Snag the shower cap from a hotel room to pack dirty shoes
Old rake for necklaces! LOVE!
Soap pump from a mason jar!
BRILLIANT! TV stand --> Kid's play kitchen
Make your own key chain with pennies/coins from your year of birth, the year you were married, kid's birthday etc.
Cheap and easy bird feeder
An old drawer with legs = cute side table
Popsicle sticks for gift tags
Kitty/puppy bed ?!
Yep. I have a thing for mason jars.
Guitar picks made from old credit cards
Circuit board necklace
Better than laying on the front lawn that's for sure
Upcycle Altoids containers
Great use for an old pallet. LOVE. THIS.
I have tons of left over corks! HmMmMm!
Court! This one reminded me of you!!!
Mason jarsssssss BAH!
Even better for a grater!
Wow! What a difference.
Feeling inspired ?!?! I shall go back to my bagged lunch now ;)

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