Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Halloween Ideas!!!

I ADORE Halloween! It is one of my favorite holidays of the year.. So much fun getting dressed up and going all out for one night. James and I had one low-key Halloween a few years back and we didn't dress up- we vowed NEVER to do this again! We went to a friend's house for a movie night and when we went to the liquor store everyone was dressed up and we really felt disappointed we didn't dress up. James always comes up with the most original costume ideas such as Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter a few weeks after he passed (yep... he even had a stuffed sting ray... oh boy) and last year- Nenshi! I like to do more feminine costumes and it does seem like no matter what I dress up as- I have to purchase fishnets BAHAHA.. Here are my costumes from the past few years. Our friends host an annual Halloween party that is always SO much fun and I have volunteered to help her decorate and set up this year since her boyfriend has been working like a mad man.. Here are some ideas I love! It's nearly October right?!:
Enchanting and simple... Love this!
Witches curtain: black plastic bags
Hehe cute for outside ;)
Just batty
SpOoKy PrAm
Cool way to make your candles look bloody
Clearly I am a fan of Halloween candles!
Cut outs from plywood
Protecting your furniture from a party mess AND looking festive!
Vampire shots?!
My cats would have a hay day!
Glow sticks in balloons.. Cheap and cool idea!
Light fixture makeover
Apples & marshmallows!
Festive veggies hehehe
Pumpkin bling!!! EEEEE!
Cake from two bundt cakes.. Brilliant!
Chocolate dipped oreo mummies!
Fantastic idea!
Cool food markers
So pretty! Won't have time for this but wow!
Freeze water in a doctor's glove for an awesome punch bowl chiller!
Chic pumpkin
Murderer pumpkin!!!
Loveeee !!! What can I be to do this ?!
And above all...


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