Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Houston Purchases!

I finally get to sit down and show you some of the quick shopping I did in Houston in between meetings.. We had a few spare hours here on my recent business trip to Houston and I took advantage nearly making us late for a big meeting and tardy for our flight... OOOPS! What can I say?! The States has amazing shopping!
I got this super cute PJ set with another pair of pink shorts (below... BAHAHA) for only $9.99 at Marshalls which is pretty much like our version of Winners. The line up was huge and we were en route to our flight but a girl has to do what a girl has to do right ?!
Yep.... Those are my other Betty Boop shorts that came in the pack... on my husband..
I also got these black "Rocketdog" flats from Marshalls for $19.99. I needed a new pair of black flats and these are SO comfy!
My first Anthropology purchase! I got this dress from Anthro in Houston for $50... I wore it for dinner on Sunday night and didn't even need a bra. BONUS. It's actually more of a raspberry/purple color but the flash make it looks more pink
I like the raspberry & gray together
Look at these BEAUTIES!!! We went into Elaine Turner which is a store I have never heard of before but is getting really big in Texas. The items reminded me of Tory Birch or something along those lines... AMAZING pieces.. The first pair of shoes I picked up were $350 and I thought it was a bit too rich for my blood... And then I picked up these dandies that I fell in love with... "$75 after tax!" the chipper sales associate informed me. SOLD !!! HOW UNIQUE ARE THESE!?
These are probably the best quality shoes I own. The inside is padded and extremely comfy and the leather is really good quality. I love the bamboo heel and gold buckle on the front... Can't wait to strut my stuff in these :)
I have never owned anything snake skin but now is the time! HA! These sexy Gladiator type sandals were also on for quite a steep sale: $65!!! I would have never tried these on but a few other girls were gushing over them and trying them on... They look GREAT on and even better in person.
I love my new python wedgies! Never thought I would say that... :D
Okay.. I officially have a thing for shoes.. THREE pairs in three days?! Almost beats my "pair of shoes per country" when I went to Europe in April *evil cackle*

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