Monday, September 19, 2011

I need an umbrellaaaa...

I've never truly invested in a nice, good quality umbrella. The extent of my umbrella collection is a variety of half-broken Winners varieties or crappy ones I've bought off of street vendors in Europe this past spring... Seeing as it was pouring rain when I got off of the train this morning I thought I would browse for a perfect umbrella.. Here are some of my favs:
Coach and rainbow! Two of my favorite things :)
RaWr a $70 fierce umbrella
Totally reminds me of spring. Funky and $44
Hoping for blue skies... and winning the lottery... This umbrella will set you back $175! Ouch!
Bird cage umbrella!
Love this one. So girly and pretty.
Ah Paris.. Love this classy umbrella!
Love love love!!!!
Love this umbrella's unique shape and OF COURSE the butterflies ;)
Classic Burberry brella.
Tartan which is in style for fall and will match everything!
Gangsta umbrella with brass knuckles oh my!

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