Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cyber Monday!

I'll try to snap some pics tonight of stuff that I picked up on Black Friday but here are some things I found for Cyber Monday :) I've never really partook in the American Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales but they seemed to have included us a bit more this year for these sales. I found some great deals on Cyber Monday at of all places. One of my good friends bought me a hoodie for Christmas from there last year and it is my FAVORITE sweatshirt- definitely the nicest one I have ever owned. They had no shipping and 30% off everything so of course I had to pick up a few pieces ;). Here is what I purchased!:
Yay my favorite hoodie! This guy was $36.90 less 30% and no shipping WOOO! I love how the neckline is longer and it is a super soft fleece. It fits snug in the boobies and not skin tight on the stomach. LOVE!
I needed it in every color obvio.. I have it in a dark gray right now.
Never had a fuschia hoodie before. Fun!
How cute is this Christmas sweater?! We've been invited to a few tacky Christmas parties and although this isn't super cheesy I really love it! This guy was also $36.90 minus 30% :)
How cute is this little gray ruffle cardigan?! $15 on sale minus 30%.. Can't go wrong and you can never have enough cardigans ;)
Love the colors in this shirt... $7!
I never have perfume for my bag so I picked up a few of these roll--on perfumes on sale for $6.50 and then 30% off that. WOWZA!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Products I Love - Xmas IDEAS?!

Do you plan on shopping for Black Friday or Cyber Monday? I've never really partook in these festivities before until this year when Canada has really been included in these great deals. I've been scoping the Internet for some cool products and out-of-the-box Christmas gifts... Here are some products I LOVE!
Sippy cups for grown ups?!
Lazy Susan for shoes... Oh my
Coolest clock ever!!! I love funky clocks :)
Cutting board with a weight scale!
Pampered Chef Microwave Chip Makers. They make chips that are similar to crunchy Kettle chips. You can also make apple, sweet potato or beet chips! SO cool. Here they are.
Who doesn't like the corners and edges on brownies?! I NEED one of these.. as a gift of course ;)
Not really a product but a really neat idea. A "Memory Jar"... Add memories throughout the year and then read them on New Year's Eve.
I just really love this mmmkay?
Cuisipro Ice cream scoop!
An alarm clock you have to stand on to turn off. Brilliant.
Yes please! We always lay in our backyard on towels.. This would be a tad bit more comfy ;)
LED turns your tap water colors :)
12 x 12 stone tiles from any Home Improvement store
Sway rocking chair by Markus Krauss. I think this would be a great reading chair :)
So gorgeous and unique.
Oh snap my Wolf Pack and I NEED this
I think my husband needs one of these...
Stylish extension cord
Love this watch. Yay rainbow!
Okay now I REALLY want to shop.. For me it appears. HA! Happy Holiday Shopping :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

I want to learn to do make up like THIS!

And my obsession with Pinterest continues. Here are some of my favorite make up techniques that are pinned on a daily basis... I really would like to take a make up course to learn how to do smoky eyes and stuff like that. I also need a far wider variety of make up colors in order to pull some of these off. There are also a TON of YouTube videos demonstrating various make up techniques and maybe these can provide some inspiration for you too!:
Looks like a peacock!
Bold! Love this for a ladies night out.
Nude smoky eye
Love the sparkle and I want her eyebrows!
These are called "oil slick eyes"
Smoky eye & nude lip
Great everyday make up... I don't tend to wear make up everyday at all though. I normally go to work fresh faced and if I am going for lunch or to a client's office I will put some make up on.
OMG! LOVE! These are my favorite colors to work with in art and when I paint too.
Subtle cat eye.... MEOW!
Mod lime green
Perfectly pink!
I'm a HUGE fan of red lips. So sexy~!
Unusual color combo.. I think it looks great!

Friday, November 4, 2011

All I want to do is SHOP!

Is it the snow? The colder weather?! All I want to do is shop.. Online shop, window shop, +15 shop... Today I had a few spare minutes to do just that. Poor James hasn't had any new clothes for quite a while and is REALLY sick of his wardrobe so I hit up the Banana Republic sale for 25% off the last ticketed price.. Banana Republic is easily my favorite store and most of my wardrobe is from there. I never buy anything regular price and always scoop super great deals on their daily sales and outlet locations such as the one at Deerfoot Meadows. Here is what I picked up today!
Basic T on sale for $9!!! I like the double v-neck.. and the price
Baggy striped sweater with sparkly silver thread as stripes. This is SO comfortable and I snagged it for only $17!!! Regular $74.. What a rip I wouldn't pay that!
SoOo comfy and not formfitting.. I need a few more big sweaters for winter ;)
Like my chapeau?! I picked it up from Purr last season for $25! I am a sucker for hats and it's nice when you don't feel like doing your hair... Which is like everyday for me.
This was SUCH a good deal for only $29 from $110 and it is sooo soft. It doesn't have any buttons or anything but I love the color and ruffled edges which I think will go with a lot of my work wardrobe. Yay!
I snagged this for James for only $11 from $45.
White linen for $20. I love their men's dress shirts
Can't wait to see James in this one ;) ... $24 from $95!
I splurged and got James this "Belgrade" dress shirt from Guess.. He is going to look HOT! hehe.
The back