Friday, November 4, 2011

All I want to do is SHOP!

Is it the snow? The colder weather?! All I want to do is shop.. Online shop, window shop, +15 shop... Today I had a few spare minutes to do just that. Poor James hasn't had any new clothes for quite a while and is REALLY sick of his wardrobe so I hit up the Banana Republic sale for 25% off the last ticketed price.. Banana Republic is easily my favorite store and most of my wardrobe is from there. I never buy anything regular price and always scoop super great deals on their daily sales and outlet locations such as the one at Deerfoot Meadows. Here is what I picked up today!
Basic T on sale for $9!!! I like the double v-neck.. and the price
Baggy striped sweater with sparkly silver thread as stripes. This is SO comfortable and I snagged it for only $17!!! Regular $74.. What a rip I wouldn't pay that!
SoOo comfy and not formfitting.. I need a few more big sweaters for winter ;)
Like my chapeau?! I picked it up from Purr last season for $25! I am a sucker for hats and it's nice when you don't feel like doing your hair... Which is like everyday for me.
This was SUCH a good deal for only $29 from $110 and it is sooo soft. It doesn't have any buttons or anything but I love the color and ruffled edges which I think will go with a lot of my work wardrobe. Yay!
I snagged this for James for only $11 from $45.
White linen for $20. I love their men's dress shirts
Can't wait to see James in this one ;) ... $24 from $95!
I splurged and got James this "Belgrade" dress shirt from Guess.. He is going to look HOT! hehe.
The back

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