Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cyber Monday!

I'll try to snap some pics tonight of stuff that I picked up on Black Friday but here are some things I found for Cyber Monday :) I've never really partook in the American Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales but they seemed to have included us a bit more this year for these sales. I found some great deals on Cyber Monday at of all places. One of my good friends bought me a hoodie for Christmas from there last year and it is my FAVORITE sweatshirt- definitely the nicest one I have ever owned. They had no shipping and 30% off everything so of course I had to pick up a few pieces ;). Here is what I purchased!:
Yay my favorite hoodie! This guy was $36.90 less 30% and no shipping WOOO! I love how the neckline is longer and it is a super soft fleece. It fits snug in the boobies and not skin tight on the stomach. LOVE!
I needed it in every color obvio.. I have it in a dark gray right now.
Never had a fuschia hoodie before. Fun!
How cute is this Christmas sweater?! We've been invited to a few tacky Christmas parties and although this isn't super cheesy I really love it! This guy was also $36.90 minus 30% :)
How cute is this little gray ruffle cardigan?! $15 on sale minus 30%.. Can't go wrong and you can never have enough cardigans ;)
Love the colors in this shirt... $7!
I never have perfume for my bag so I picked up a few of these roll--on perfumes on sale for $6.50 and then 30% off that. WOWZA!

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