Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I finally purchased myself a pair of TOMS! I chose the black sparkly ones for $65 which I purchased from Aritzia. I thought they were a nice basic with a little jazz. I guess the canvas ones stretch out quite a bit so they suggest buying a size that is 0.5 down from what you normally are- the sparkly ones don't stretch as much so I bought my true size. How fun! While I was there a few men were purchasing jeans for their women for Christmas that were upwards of $400/pair... Wowza... I'm a size 28 James!!! HA!
The best part about TOMS is that they have a "get one, give one" charity campaign that for everyone pair of TOMS bought they will donate a pair to a child in need. So I was pretty much just helping society as a whole by shopping, let's be honest... My husband didn't buy that one though. HAHA!
I think the pink glitter are also quite fab.
SPARKLE SPARKLE! They are so comfy too :)
Shoe drop :)

Friday, December 16, 2011


Ever heard of Everly before? I hadn't either until I found the below sheer top at Urban Clothing in TD on Black Friday. Everly is a line created by two sisters who wanted to "blend the simplicity of the modern girl with a hint of vintage". The clothing is inspired by everything they love- travel, art, music, photography, food and vintage. I have been perusing their lookbooks and I love the flowing look and jewel tones.
I LOVE shopping Urban's sales- they always have the best deals and really funky pieces. I have wanted a sheer, loose fitting blouse for a while and found this one in a nice plum color on sale for $19.99 from $65.99 WOO!
I like the gold buttons which I am accessorizing with gold jewelry today and it's SO uber comfortable. I like how you can still see my silhouette with the blank tank but have the comfort of a loose fitting shirt.
I've never owned a piece of "Everly" clothing but they have some great looks and here are some more billowy blouses! Happy Friday!
Love this look in mustard. Nearly identical to my top but longer sleeves. This is also by Everly
Jade sheer skirt by Everly. Love the jewel tones.
Everly tie dress $63
Jewel tone, long pleated Everly skirt. $52
Loving the sheer fabric
Only $70. These prices are fantastic as well as stylish.
So feminine
Everly Fall 2011
Tapping into the Aztec pattern trend
Can't wait to see their sing 2012 collection.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Shinyyy Thingsssss

EEE! Look at the gorgeous mama clutch I got for the beautiful new wallet my girlfriends bought me for my birthday from Nine West! I saw the matching bag walking to a client's office recently and had to complete the set. Walking through the +15's is EXPENSIVE let me tell ya...
$62 on sale from $110 BONUS!!! Love the color and gold :)
Back! It seems to look like a different color in every photo... This is the back and it's true color.
Check out this new funky belt!!! I've walked past it a NUMBER of times at Holt Renfrew but everything in that store is normally quadruple the price you think it would be.... This guy was only $65!!! SOLD! I got the last one that I took off of the manikin. I am debating on buying it in gold too LOVE IT!
You likey? The back is just black and elastic

Monday, December 12, 2011

I took the plunge!!!

I have been debating for months on either a tablet or a laptop and after a generous birthday gift card from my entire family I ended up splurging on a laptop from Future Shop on Sunday. What a great way to celebrate the last Pampered Chef show of the year! I had quite a busy weekend between my surprise birthday celebration and a number of hung over Pampered Chef shows and of course- a crazy Christmas sweater party:
Homemade a la James
It was busy but super fun and I can't wait to pick up my beautiful new Sony VAOI tonight! This is the one I got:
I love the white keys and look... I had another one boxed up, in the computer and ready to go but at the last minute I decided to upgrade substantially.. Why not?! I've never owned a laptop and I want to LOVE IT!
Love the textured part where your wrists lay and the textured scrolling :D SO PRETTY!
I also have this shiny new external hard drive so that will back up my pretty new laptop... Learned the hard way when my home computer crashed this past week... $500 LATER in "Geek on the Way" fees.. I think this $100 external back up will be worth it!
Got this cute laptop sleeve too... Mine is a bit cuter with a white Princess crown in the bottom left. It is by PKG and was only $39.99

Friday, December 9, 2011

Birthday BLING!

Happy Friday everyone! I am in a fabulous mood because it is my birthday and I have received a lot of love today :) .. Can it be my birthday once a month?! hehe... Tonight we are headed out for dinner (I think) followed by a birthday celebration downtown (I think)... All of these were supposed to be surprises but people have let it slip here and there.. Who cares I didn't have to plan my birthday and I am damn happy about it WOO! I didn't buy a new dress for tonight but who could help purchasing a few dandies as accessories? Here is what I bought today!:
I have these patent shoes in nude that I actually got at The Bay for $100 a year ago and LOVE THEM! Found these at the GUESS store today and they had $25 off $100 or more so I got them for $100 too! I am wearing a blackish/blue dress and found the clutch on sale at LOCALE for $27.99 from $60! Love it and it has a great gun metal strap which matches my earrings :)
Close up of the clutch... I haven't purchased a new clutch in a LONG time :D
Here's the dress I'm wearing tonight. Got it at Purr.
A few of my girlfriends pooled together to get me this AMAZING wallet as well!!! OMG LOVE IT! It's Nine West and is wayyy classier than the piece of crap Billabong one I was resorting to since my Dooney & Burke one broke. I love the unique color and ruffling.
I told them I wanted something that zipped all the way around like this and they said it was HARD to find but they FINALLY found one... I'm so luckyyy! And thankful for my beautiful new gift. Definitely not something James could have found ;)
Quite an improvement dontcha think ?!
I'm so excited to see what James "made" me too... He said it took a really long time and not that much money... EEK I'm scared HAHA! All I can picture in my head is a macaroni vase...