Friday, December 9, 2011

Birthday BLING!

Happy Friday everyone! I am in a fabulous mood because it is my birthday and I have received a lot of love today :) .. Can it be my birthday once a month?! hehe... Tonight we are headed out for dinner (I think) followed by a birthday celebration downtown (I think)... All of these were supposed to be surprises but people have let it slip here and there.. Who cares I didn't have to plan my birthday and I am damn happy about it WOO! I didn't buy a new dress for tonight but who could help purchasing a few dandies as accessories? Here is what I bought today!:
I have these patent shoes in nude that I actually got at The Bay for $100 a year ago and LOVE THEM! Found these at the GUESS store today and they had $25 off $100 or more so I got them for $100 too! I am wearing a blackish/blue dress and found the clutch on sale at LOCALE for $27.99 from $60! Love it and it has a great gun metal strap which matches my earrings :)
Close up of the clutch... I haven't purchased a new clutch in a LONG time :D
Here's the dress I'm wearing tonight. Got it at Purr.
A few of my girlfriends pooled together to get me this AMAZING wallet as well!!! OMG LOVE IT! It's Nine West and is wayyy classier than the piece of crap Billabong one I was resorting to since my Dooney & Burke one broke. I love the unique color and ruffling.
I told them I wanted something that zipped all the way around like this and they said it was HARD to find but they FINALLY found one... I'm so luckyyy! And thankful for my beautiful new gift. Definitely not something James could have found ;)
Quite an improvement dontcha think ?!
I'm so excited to see what James "made" me too... He said it took a really long time and not that much money... EEK I'm scared HAHA! All I can picture in my head is a macaroni vase...

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