Monday, December 12, 2011

I took the plunge!!!

I have been debating for months on either a tablet or a laptop and after a generous birthday gift card from my entire family I ended up splurging on a laptop from Future Shop on Sunday. What a great way to celebrate the last Pampered Chef show of the year! I had quite a busy weekend between my surprise birthday celebration and a number of hung over Pampered Chef shows and of course- a crazy Christmas sweater party:
Homemade a la James
It was busy but super fun and I can't wait to pick up my beautiful new Sony VAOI tonight! This is the one I got:
I love the white keys and look... I had another one boxed up, in the computer and ready to go but at the last minute I decided to upgrade substantially.. Why not?! I've never owned a laptop and I want to LOVE IT!
Love the textured part where your wrists lay and the textured scrolling :D SO PRETTY!
I also have this shiny new external hard drive so that will back up my pretty new laptop... Learned the hard way when my home computer crashed this past week... $500 LATER in "Geek on the Way" fees.. I think this $100 external back up will be worth it!
Got this cute laptop sleeve too... Mine is a bit cuter with a white Princess crown in the bottom left. It is by PKG and was only $39.99

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