Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Shinyyy Thingsssss

EEE! Look at the gorgeous mama clutch I got for the beautiful new wallet my girlfriends bought me for my birthday from Nine West! I saw the matching bag walking to a client's office recently and had to complete the set. Walking through the +15's is EXPENSIVE let me tell ya...
$62 on sale from $110 BONUS!!! Love the color and gold :)
Back! It seems to look like a different color in every photo... This is the back and it's true color.
Check out this new funky belt!!! I've walked past it a NUMBER of times at Holt Renfrew but everything in that store is normally quadruple the price you think it would be.... This guy was only $65!!! SOLD! I got the last one that I took off of the manikin. I am debating on buying it in gold too LOVE IT!
You likey? The back is just black and elastic


  1. I've just discovered you and because you're so different and original I like you! I'll follow you from Spain!

  2. Love the hair woman. Curly Sue adorable!


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