Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lilac Fest Jewelry Bargains!

After a boozey brunch at Melrose on 17th Avenue a gaggle of us gals headed to the Lilac Fest on Sunday afternoon and wow.. What a BEAUTIFUL day! We all got a glorious sunburn and had some brewskis on a patio as well. As soon as we walked in we had spent the cash that we had taken out. There were some really great jewelry finds and other accessories. Check out Laura's new purple headband above and Kylie's new fedora! We were all laughing that we walked in unaccessorized and by the time we left we all had new duds. Here is what I purchased and my brunch!
Mmmm Nutella crepes with bananas on the patio... And a mimosa of course!
I got this beautiful shell hair stick for only $7! I love twirling my hair up with a pen so this will be much prettier.
Me with the hair stick in :)
I've wanted a long antique-looking clock for a long time... I had scoped one out at Purr for $65 but this was only $20! WOO HOO! Actually $25 each and two for $40 so my girlfriend got one too.
Close up! I love the look of it.
ARGH I'm so annoyed with  these wood/coconut shell earrings.. They are IMPOSSIBLE to get through my ears and one of the pegs broke. I had a bad feeling about them.. I got three pairs for $20.. ANY ADVICE ON COCONUT SHELL EARRINGS? You have to line up your earring holes and the two holes in the earrings perfectly.
Here is the other pair... Did I mention the pegs are a lot bigger than my holes so they are painful? Damn it I like these too...
What a score! Got this gorgeous glass ring that really sparkles for only $5!!! All of us bought one pretty much! It matched my dress above perfectly too.

Monday, May 30, 2011

H & M

Sad but true... Until last week I have never really bought anything for H & M... *GASP* I know.. But all of the locations WERE a bit inconvenient and either James was shopping with me or I was in a rush... They just opened a new location in downtown Calgary which is a bit TOO convenient. HEHE! I went there before May long camping and picked up some cute duds.. I cannot believe how cheap some of their stuff is!! $12 dresses regular price?! $5 bikini pieces?! WOWZA! Here is some of what I got ;)
My bod doesn't look like this in it but it was $5.95/piece! I like bathing suits that you can make strapless for tanning.
I got this sheer bathing suit cover up for $14... It came with a thin belt which I would wear with tights as well.
This photo better shows how sheer the top was... I liked wearing a neon kini underneath! I got these funny sunnies for only $12 too!
Bad photo but I got this striped romper in baby blue as well! I have three rompers and debut them with the names ROMPERLICIOUS #1, ROMPERLICIOUS #2, ROMPERLICIOUS #3. HEHE!
Here's a smaller photo of me in action wearing it. SO COMFORTABLE! They only had a size 12 left but I have been cinching the waist. It was only $12!
Bought two of these glasses for $9.99 each! Tortoise shell and these black ones. I go through sunnies like water...
A few of us headed to the Lilac Festival yesterday and I had to show you this cute dress I had gifted to me! (second from left)... It is from a neat store called "Buddah By Night" and Courtney on the far right is also wearing the red silk top from them. Court actually bought this dress but didn't like it and thought it screamed Andrea... Hells ya it does! hehe I love it! Thanks lady! <3
Lilac Fest LOVE!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Pretty things from Pinterest

Happy Friday!!! Sorry for my lack of blog posts.. Been one of those weeks where I haven't been feeling very inspired.. UNTIL....I've just found this site and I'm OBSESSED! Amazing ideas... Beautiful photos and delicious looking food. Some of these ideas are so simple and beautiful... Who thinks of this stuff?!
Penny floor... Beautifully brilliant
Chalkboard paint on a chest of drawers
I think my kitties would be heaven!
Good use for old maps
SO thoughtful! Love this!!!
COOL! It would even work as storage. Funky
Easter egg garland with paint chips !!!
Again.. Who thinks of this stuff ?! Simple, affordable and funky!
Pallet bookshelf
O.M.G. I might have to do this.. AMAZING IDEA!
I could use this!
I adore these soft colors
Coffee mug!
Doily curtains!
Whimsical bird feeders! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Spring Trend- Nautical !

Coco Chanel made the nautical look famous in the 1920's and it is back again for spring 2011.. Everywhere from Joe Fresh to the runway features nautical stripes, anchors and boat shoes. Here are some of my fav looks:
I want this skirt! Love the shoes and these are all of my  FAVS!
Espadrilles and weaved wedges are everywhere for summer :)
LOVE THIS DRESS! I love buttons and this is super cute.
These would match with everything :D ... I have a thing for white bottoms.. Before Labor Day of course ;)
Nautical fedora.. SO CUTE!
Run way sailors.. So cute!
Loving this funky pink dress
LOVE this Chanel cuff :D so cute...
Cuteeee with the right simple outfit.. I'm thinking white pants/skirt and lots of leg. I really like the nautical bow
This is two trends for spring: nautical and wide leg pants
Funky Stella McCartney's
My nautical outfit this weekend at Lindsay's stagette
Nautical bikini house boating!