Thursday, October 27, 2011


Is there anything more fun than shopping for a baby girl?! I met a dear friend for lunch today and was finally able to give her the baby gift I purchased from Baby GAP... HOW CUTE IS THIS?! I need 10..... for upcoming baby arrivals.. BAHAHA.. My best friend is also pregnant and soon finding out what she is going to have. I can't wait to spoil it rotten! Here is what I got for the beautiful 5-week old Vivienne:
AHHH! $39.99 regular price.. How can one resist?!
I thought this cardigan looked like a ballet cardigan to match :)
Look at this one I found online though! Dang it!
OMG... Must. Have. Babies HA!

ADDICTED to PartyLite

 Good morning and happy Thursday! Hope you are having a good week thus far... I was sent THIS awesome sale from PartyLite and HAD to pick up a few items for Christmas gifts and myself. Have you ever burnt PartyLite wax? Once you do it is really hard to go back to cheap candles. I have been using PartyLite candles for around 6 years and you can really tell the difference between other candles. The wicks are made from 100% cotton so they do not give off lead like many other candles. This is demonstrated by holding a coffee filter above your burning candles. You will notice that PartyLite will give off no residue but other candles will leave your coffee filters black. The other advantages is that pillar candles burn flat like a pancake and don't tunnel so you can use up every last drop. Each tealight/votive/pillar/multi wick candle also features a safety metal disc so when the candle reaches the end of burning it will snuff out instead of burning down your house. I should really SELL PartyLite because I am such an advocate of their products but here are some of the items I ordered up ;)
I ordered two of these votive or tealight holders for a certain someone who's living room will match these perfectly! We ALWAYS have candles lit at home and I love the light they give off. I got these for $10 each instead of $22 each.. Good deal!
I am obsessed with these "GloLite" pillars. As you will see the entire pillar candle is illuminated and not just the top. They truly do glow- we light these in our bonus room on a nightly basis :). I bought a few different sized GloLite candles for $8, $9 & $10 which are regularly $16, $18 & $20. WOO HOO!
Here is a video showing the difference between regular pillar candles and "GloLites". Love the way these look :)
This was a SMOKING deal! This "Global Ambiance Mini with 3 Mosaic Holders and Wooden Tray" is normally $100 (ya their candle holders aren't cheap but that's why it's worth it to host a party) .. But I got this entire thing for $30! It's going to make a great gift :)
Merry Christmas to ME! I LOVE pillar candles. I think they are so romantic and I am getting these 3 unique pillar holders for beside my fireplace. I am going to use a pillar candle in the shortest one instead of a tapered dinner candle. I got the three for $54 instead of their regular price: $117. WOO HOO!
These are the color of pillars I got since they were also on sale- "Bamboo Mist" is the scent. I think I will also use my GloLites on these. Can't WAIT to get them!
I wanted this ornament tealight holder which was on for $8 from $20 but no dice- sold out. You can't really  tell the craftsmanship on the candle holders from a photo but they are hand painted and there is so much detail associated with each one.
When I hosted a party during the summer I got this "Global Fusion" Hurricane tealight holder for only $20 instead of $120! Definitely worth hosting a show.. I also got the tealight three which makes it look like the tealights are climbing up it :)
Another one of my favorite pieces that I have gotten are these Rainforest sconces. I have one in the hallway on my upper floor.
This guy sits in our bathroom upstairs. It looks really neat when he is illuminated and after traveling to Thailand last year there are so many ideals that James and I agree with from Buddhism that it had special meaning.
Another one of my favorites are the 3 or 5 wick candles. I have the one above and it can burn for hours on end so we light these when we know we are going to be home for a while.
If you don't have a PartyLite consultant here is my awesome consultant! Host a show and get a TON of free stuff! 
Kari Johnston

Thursday, October 20, 2011


October is breast cancer awareness month and Pampered Chef has a great semi-annual campaign to Help Whip Cancer in honor of all women's cancers! There are pink products available online on my website and they have come out with some super cute products that are really reasonable for Christmas gifts or your own kitchen. Take a peek!:
These reusable tote/shopping bags are only $3.50 for two. I like them for grocery shopping
The perfect way to see if your cake will is ready! $4 each
I LOVE these daisy dessert plates! I have a set of 12 and have used them a ton for appetizer or dessert plates. You can get a set of 4 for $28
These are my other favorite pink products: these microfiber towels are super absorbent so I use them to dry dishes or polish wine glasses. $10.50 each
This cutie is a recipe card holder for easy viewing in the kitchen for $10.00
Great for the fridge or office this clip is magnetic and can hold photos or information for $4.50
These "Twixit!" clips are AWESOME for bags and open packages. They don't warp like the IKEA ones and can go in the freezer without changing shape for $7.25
This $5 kitchen brush fits great in muffin tins or cups... Super cute
DIVA! These latex gloves are super long and stylish.. They have been one of the most popular gifts for Christmas and will keep your hands dry when your doing dishes... in style $8
I use this "Scoop & Measure" a ton in the kitchen or sit it upright to measure liquids up to 1/4 cup for $5.75
I LOVE THIS ONE! I use it all the time for salsa, sour cream & guacamole, candy, nuts, dressing, condiments, dips, cheese, etc. The Simple Addition pieces are SUCH good quality and look awesome on your table for $26
I've gifted these a few times and have had a great response.. So much fun! These ceramic plates come in a set of two and are dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe for $20
This is SUCH an awesome deal. Pampered Chef's famous Quikut paring knife and a bar board for only $7! I have 3 of these bar boards and that seems to be all we use in the kitchen instead of busting out a huge cutting board.
The Canadian Cancer Society gets $1 for every pink product that is purchased... I think these are awesome gift ideas for Christmas! Take a peek!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


 I have been wanting new black boots for around 3-4 years but just haven't taken the plunge. I've had the same pair that I paid around $300 for since 2005 when I bought them in college and it is DEFINITELY time for a new pair!!! It's an investment and a wardrobe essential in my opinion. Although I love my oldies and they are even back in style- wedges! I was super pumped to find these "Tweedle" boots at Locale today. I've never bought anything from Locale but after browsing Browns, Town Shoes and ALDO these $160 cuties seemed like a huge steal. They come in dark brown, black, beige, and cognac and I figured black is a staple. They are SO comfortable and I am pumped that the heels isn't one of those stiletto types that I will have to re-heel and they are UBER comfortable. Here are a few difference angles:
I think they will look great with jeans too.
Love love love. I like the crinkly texture and rounded toe
Normally when I buy one pair of shoes I end up buying a few more for some reason.. .I know that everyone and their kitten has TOMS but I really need a good pair of flats that aren't open toed for fall.. I love that TOMS donates a pair of shoes to a child in need for every shoe bought. How amazing is that?! I popped by Holt Renfrew and they had a few for around $55 but none in my size. Here are the TOMS patterns I love!:
I think these would match a lot.
Funkyyy! Holt had these but they were $175 instead of the usual $55... Pretty steep
These are mens for fall 2011 but how great would wool insulated TOMS be ?!
I WANT. $175 though... Not worth it in my opinion.. More than my boots damn it!
TOMS "flying machine"... These would match everything.. Although my girlfriends said to get off the gray kick I'm in hehehe.
J'adore... These are TOMS "academy"
Since the shoes are made of canvas people have been treating them as such. Look at some of these gorgeous hand painted TOMS that people have been creating!
I want a pair!
Ya know... They DID have this color in my size at Holt... Might have to go back ;)