Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Speaking of Hawaii...

So today... at lunch I figured a "harmless" traipse to Winners wouldn't be bad, right? ... WRONG! Found some great deals though! Here are my new purchases :D
I love buying bikinis at Winners.. I have over 30 kinis so a slight addiction would be an understatement... When you have this many and a clear problem like myself you can't be breaking the bank for each suit. I do watch UFC on occasion and the Tap Out brand is normally around $75-90 for a men's t-shirt... This entire suite was $16.99.. SOLD!
Like I said... PROBLEM!
Oh P.S. new sparkly sweater tunic from Banana Republic for $30 (reg $160)
Found this cute Roxy bather for $29... I'm a sucker for ruffles. It's a lot more vibrant pink in real life if you can believe it.
Ruffle. Butt. Messy. Hair.
Pretty cover up :) ... $29.99
500 page collage photo album.. always buy them here! $16

New Eyewear!

I'm gonna need some SUNNIES! :)
YaY! I finally splurged on myself and bought some new sunglasses. I have only owned a few nice pairs of sunglasses in my life because I am terrible at stepping on them in the car or losing them. James bought be a nice pair a few years ago which I LOVED and lost and I also bought myself a nice pair years ago before I went to Australia.. Well we're leaving for Hawaii in 10 sleeps so I thought why not?! I just received a $50 gift certificate at my eye doctor in Mckenzie Towne and bought a few pairs. Too bad I seem to leave for work in the dark and drive home in the dark.. Can't wait for some SUNSHINE and VITAMIN D!
The glasses below were bought on a promotion from Clearly Contacts. "Like" them on Facebook and they run FREE glasses promotions all the time. All you need is a unique e-mail address you have not used before and all you have to pay is shipping!!! WOO HOO! My co-worker is on her fourth pair of these.. So smart. Here are my new spectacles!:
Funky hey?! They are "LOVE" brand and only $14 for shipping!
I scored these great Bebe sunnies for $98 as I had a $50 gift certificate for buying a years worth of contacts. You can tell they are a really quality, sturdy frame instead of the usual cheapies I buy. LOVE THEM!
I like the shape and that they don't have nose prongs
Shiny thingssss. They really sparkle :)
I also got these cheap Sun Dogs for $35!
Cute case and polisher too.
Here are some more glasses I really like by that "LOVE" brand. I had a hard time choosing and really wanted a funky pair!:
Thought these tortoise shell would make a great pair.. Next time!

Pretty much the pair I bought in red... So cute! I just wanted mine to match with everything ;)
Might get these next! I'm really into grey right now and I love how they fade to clear on the bottom... and the hearts of course ;)
I think I like these because they remind me of frog legs and I love frogs.. *snicker*
These ones are Ltede brand but caught my attention with the funky sides! Looks like the metal is laser cut, neat!
These are called "crystal blue". I like the accents around the frames... I think I would even more if they were Swarovski ;)
These are like wearing art on your face... Loveee

Friday, January 13, 2012


I had an Arbonne party last night and it was a lot of fun! We made these "Fizztinis" with fizz tabs that they sell which give you natural energy and vitamins instead of having like a Red Bull or something along those lines. We mixed a pomegranate fizz tab with 1 oz. of vodka and then fill to the top of the martini glass with half Ginger Ale and half water. 
Arbonne is most famous for its line of anti-aging skin & body care and its cosmetic line. None of the products are tested on animals and are free of parabens, preservatives, petroleum based ingredients including mineral oil and benzene. We tried some really great products and one of the favorites was this Corrective Eye Creme from their most popular line: RE9:
Everyone put a small amount under just one eye and it immediately took away bags and skin felt and appeared tighter. We could tell how by looking at people which eye they had applied the eye cream to. This one retails for $65 but for hosting a show I am choosing this as my half priced item :)
I also bought this restorative day creme with an SPF of 20 which moisturizes and I like how you can just spray it on and go. This was my free product worth $60 :)
One of my very favorite Arbonne products is this sea salt scrub! I use it in the bath on my legs and body and come out with silky, smooth skin! This was my hostess gift for having a show and she set one out by the sink for all of us to try. I can't believe how soft my hands are today from using it last night. This retails for $35
I can't wait to get this lip polish! The final hostess special was $120 worth of products for $24 so I chose this "Pearl" lip polish for $30. I think it will be a nice tone with a tan after Hawaii ;)
I'm really hoping this Triple Action Mascara by Arbonne is as good as the description makes it sound for $35... Stay tuned!
I like a small hand cream for on my desk at work so I picked up this FC5 Hand Cream for $22.. I really like the FC5 line which is really refreshing and light when you put it on and doesn't leave a greasy sheen on your hands or face.
Thanks so much for coming everyone last night! If you need a Arbonne consultant I have a GREAT one who just started her business and needs some help!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Spring 2012 Fashion Trends

January and I am already thinking of spring... Could it be the balmy weather we have received? +13, +15 in January?! Unusual, record setting and FABULOUS. Others would disagree that this climate upswing is a negative global phenom but I'll take the easy commuting and light-jacket-wearing any day! Spring 2012 is packed with color, prints and art. LOVE IT! Here are some looks that were a recurring theme at Fashion Week:
Models donned swans, hummingbirds and doves on the cat walk. This is Giles Spring 2012
 Humming birds by Commuun... Love the turquoise!
Even for men? Givenchy Spring 2012... A little fem for my man ;)
A contrast to the neon's we saw in Spring 2011
Lovely... I am loving this trend.
Adore this pastel Valentino
This flared design is hot for Spring 2012! Funky! This is Jason Wu
Jason Wu Spring 2012
Extremely chic Giorgio Armani
Also known as ornamental designs were all over collections for Spring 2012. This is Aquilano e Rimondi
Peplum and ornamental! This is Thakoon.
Stella McCartney, Spring 2012
I'm a huge fan of drop waist as my wedding dress had a dropped waist bodice. This design isn't for everyone though and a slim torso will help you carry it off- nothing like a belly hanging over the dropped waist. HA! This is Chloe.
Reed Krakoff
Love the indigo one in the middle. Gorgeous!
Last year was nautical, this year is ocean deep! This is Versace
The brilliant Alexander McQueen. Similar to coral, no?
Take a look at that tooth! Givenchy, Spring 2012
Using digital photographs on clothing... Brilliant! This is Akris
Wow. The colors are so brilliant. This is Mary Kartrantzou
Love the feeling this creates
Love how the belly button isn't shown just the narrowest part of a woman's body almost like the umpire. This is Anthony Vaccarello.
Emilio Pucci. Very dramatic.
Almost looks like a retro TV cut out... Carven
I think this satin looks luxurious and glamorous. This is Miu Miu.
Victoria Beckham, spring 2012
LOVE this Lanvin- I would wear to work!

Geometric shapes and solid color blocks. This is Herm├Ęs
Gucci Spring 2012. Great party dress!
I like the texture on the skirt. What do you think of these trends?!