Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Eyewear!

I'm gonna need some SUNNIES! :)
YaY! I finally splurged on myself and bought some new sunglasses. I have only owned a few nice pairs of sunglasses in my life because I am terrible at stepping on them in the car or losing them. James bought be a nice pair a few years ago which I LOVED and lost and I also bought myself a nice pair years ago before I went to Australia.. Well we're leaving for Hawaii in 10 sleeps so I thought why not?! I just received a $50 gift certificate at my eye doctor in Mckenzie Towne and bought a few pairs. Too bad I seem to leave for work in the dark and drive home in the dark.. Can't wait for some SUNSHINE and VITAMIN D!
The glasses below were bought on a promotion from Clearly Contacts. "Like" them on Facebook and they run FREE glasses promotions all the time. All you need is a unique e-mail address you have not used before and all you have to pay is shipping!!! WOO HOO! My co-worker is on her fourth pair of these.. So smart. Here are my new spectacles!:
Funky hey?! They are "LOVE" brand and only $14 for shipping!
I scored these great Bebe sunnies for $98 as I had a $50 gift certificate for buying a years worth of contacts. You can tell they are a really quality, sturdy frame instead of the usual cheapies I buy. LOVE THEM!
I like the shape and that they don't have nose prongs
Shiny thingssss. They really sparkle :)
I also got these cheap Sun Dogs for $35!
Cute case and polisher too.
Here are some more glasses I really like by that "LOVE" brand. I had a hard time choosing and really wanted a funky pair!:
Thought these tortoise shell would make a great pair.. Next time!

Pretty much the pair I bought in red... So cute! I just wanted mine to match with everything ;)
Might get these next! I'm really into grey right now and I love how they fade to clear on the bottom... and the hearts of course ;)
I think I like these because they remind me of frog legs and I love frogs.. *snicker*
These ones are Ltede brand but caught my attention with the funky sides! Looks like the metal is laser cut, neat!
These are called "crystal blue". I like the accents around the frames... I think I would even more if they were Swarovski ;)
These are like wearing art on your face... Loveee


  1. Those clear ones really suit you! I like all of them.

  2. Most people can relate to you with losing eyewear. My daughter already lost more than a dozen sunglasses! But I still buy her one because I know how much she loves wearing a pair. The sun can also be quite bright during the summer, so I make her wear sunglasses to shade her eyes from the light.

  3. Congratulations on getting your new eyewear. It really looks great on you. Vincent, your daughter lost already lost a dozen sunglasses? I never thought that someone would lose their sunglasses more than twice.


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