Friday, January 6, 2012


I own a bloody SPACE SHIP!!! I have just switched from years of being a CrackBerry FANATIC to an Android- a Samsung S2 to be exact! I've wanted a true smart phone with 4G technology for quite some time to take better photos for the bloggie, have better apps and navigation systems and I finally took the plunge after my phone was stolen over the holidays. The craziest part to me about my phone is the Swype keyboard technology where you literally draw or Swype what you want to type:
I was an EXTREMELY fast BlackBerry typer so I was skeptical at first but slowly I am getting faster and faster.. I am finding it quite intuitive actually although I still struggle with punctuation and capitalizing words quickly. I also use "&" a ton because it used to be quicker on BlackBerry to type that instead of "and" and it seems like more work with a Swype key board. I am excited for some of these Apps though:
The "Places" app is incredible. You can just hit the button for whatever you are looking for ie. coffee and it will bring up a listing of all of the closest coffee shops to you complete with phone number, maps and directions. SO HANDY!
Apparently "whatsapp" is just like BBM and I can communicate with BlackBerry users, Android and iPhone users and a lot of people have been telling me to get this one.. Weekend project! ;)
And who wouldn't be excited for one of the most popular phone games of all time?! ANGRY BIRDS! It's addicting dammit.
Another one of my favorites is Plants vs. Zombies... SO worth the $2.99 or whatever. James and I played this across all of Europe over and over and over... still my favorite phone game ever. Check it out!
Ubersocial is my favorite Twitter app- you can set up an "innercircle" and get notifications when your friends tweet. If you don't have Twitter- try it! All the news, fast!
Purty phone.. still getting used to a 100% touch screen but so far, so good. Loving it! I am currently with Telus and they had a sale on for this guy- only $49.99... Ya ya on the 3 year contract but Telus hasn't done me no wrong yet- knock on wood.
Happy Friday and hope you have an awesome weekend!

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