Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Speaking of Hawaii...

So today... at lunch I figured a "harmless" traipse to Winners wouldn't be bad, right? ... WRONG! Found some great deals though! Here are my new purchases :D
I love buying bikinis at Winners.. I have over 30 kinis so a slight addiction would be an understatement... When you have this many and a clear problem like myself you can't be breaking the bank for each suit. I do watch UFC on occasion and the Tap Out brand is normally around $75-90 for a men's t-shirt... This entire suite was $16.99.. SOLD!
Like I said... PROBLEM!
Oh P.S. new sparkly sweater tunic from Banana Republic for $30 (reg $160)
Found this cute Roxy bather for $29... I'm a sucker for ruffles. It's a lot more vibrant pink in real life if you can believe it.
Ruffle. Butt. Messy. Hair.
Pretty cover up :) ... $29.99
500 page collage photo album.. always buy them here! $16

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  1. Love lOve loVe lovE the pink kini!!! Especially with the beach blonde waves (hair) your rocking!


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