Thursday, January 5, 2012


How was your Christmas? Did you get spoiled rotten?! We had a really great trip back to my husband's hometown in Williams Lake, BC which is north of Kamloops and had a fun with family and friends. James jokingly had one present under the tree for me for weeks but when I opened it up there were a bunch of smaller gifts! The usual socks and PJ's and then these little delights:
Me realizing I got more than one thing- not that it would be a problem if I received one thing. But ladies like to open lots of little gifts. Am I right or am I right?
I've wanted to read this book since I flipped through it in Paris at Aman's flat.. I LOVE Anthony Bourdain and his crass attitude and love for food. This about the "culinary underbelly" and stories from behind the scenes in kitchens. I have just started reading it and love it!
I've been wanting pretty stir sticks for a while so my sister in law bought me some pretty ones!
LOVED THIS BOOK that James got me! "Tales From The Yoga Studio" by Rain Mitchell. Just a fun girl book that details five different women's lives who are either attending or teaching yoga. Great story that I flew through in a few days- I highly recommend this one :)
James also got me this Schimua milk frother but I was looking for more of a milk steamer... Like....
This little fellow! I think I might do an exchange :p
I've wanted this Stella & Dot arrow necklace for some time and got it for Christmas. WOO!
James got me this amazing heated Sunbeam "Royal Nights" fleece blanket that has dual controls for your own heat control. LOVE it! We slept in it during the holidays and have been using it to warm up our bed before we get in.
I got James this fancy Cuisinart meat slicer because he likes to buy big hams and make our own sandwich meat, pepperoni and stuff like that. He also got a smoker/steamer/grill from his brother which I think this will work well with!
I got James this awesome plaid shirt at GUESS for Christmas along with a few other pieces from Guess
Oh- here he is wearing it and harassing me. SHOCKERRRR.
James' dad has an extensive collection of ties so I got him this Duct tape tie from What a neat site!
I was SO excited to find this necklace for my mom on She is a dog groomer and this is exactly what her scissors look like!!!
For my brother's fiance I picked out some Pampered Chef stuff she has been eying. I LOVE this Kitchen Spritzer. You can put your nice olive oils in here and spritz baking pans and bread instead of PAM which doesn't have a very nice flavor and the second ingredient in PAM is propane. YICK!
This Easy Accent Decorator is so versatile and I use it all the time- I also got this for my brother's fiance and she can use it for icing, whipped cream, deviled eggs, double stuffed potatoes and ANYTHING you need to pipe. Hope she likes it!
I bought a few sets of these on for $6.99 and they were a huge hit! We even used them on our ski trip and they worked so good- must shoot the shots quick though before the alcohol starts melting the ice!
I got this for James for his iPhone 4S. He likes it because when it is laying on its back it actually props the phone up and makes it easier to use! Also I did most of my shopping online this year! WOO!
James is quite a MacGyver and jack of all trades always finding strange uses for everyday things- found this book and thought of him immediately!
James' uncle got me some beautiful silver hoop earrings I will get a lot of use out of! Love them! :)
I found this nice lambs wool sweater at The Bay for the men in my life- regularly $60 on sale for $19.99! I ended up getting one for my dad, brother, husband and neighbor in all different colors. HA!
James and I watched the first season of Breaking Bad last year around Christmas so I got him Season 2 & 3 on Blu Ray. I know we probably just could have downloaded them but I really like the Blu Ray quality and I scored them for only $25 each
What did you get/give for Christmas?!

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  1. Ryan is addicted to Breaking Bad .. such a good show! Looks like you got .... SPOILED ROTTEN!


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