Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Each piece has a heart located somewhere on it whether it be a large heart dangling off of a bracelet or a small etched heart hidden.
While I was in Hawaii I discovered an amazing jewelry store aka. my new obsession: BRIGHTON! Do you have any Brighton jewelry? I have never heard of it before until a bunch of other gals on the trip were sporting Brighton jewelry and I kept complimenting them on it. Luckily there was a Brighton store that was RIGHT next door to our hotel in Maui and we could even shop in our bare feet... A little too convenient perhaps? I found all of the Brighton jewelry extremely reasonable and super expensive looking.. is there anything better than that? Although the jewelry is silver plated, the silver doesn't tarnish, which I was happy about because I can't stand polishing silver, and they sell a selection of jewelry, charms, handbags, accessories and a few gifts. Here are the pieces I picked up or was gifted while I was there! ... and a few others I would like to add to my collection ;)
Since I was on a Pampered Chef incentive trip this bracelet was really meaningful to me and I thought it was fitting.. It reads "Sing with all your heart, Follow your dreams, Dance like nobody's watching, Reach for the stars". I always try to get myself a special piece from each trip to remind me of our travels and I worked particularly hard in 2011 to earn the gold level so I thought this was perfect.. and it was only $28!!! Each sentence is separated with a Swarovski crystal too.
My upline bought me this beautiful bracelet on Valentine's day.. It's called "Hello Sunshine".. Love it!
Big hug after she gave it to me :)
I got these multi-colored hoop earrings for my sister in law and they are smaller hoops that have a "spectrum" of different topaz colors in them. I thought they would go well with neutral colors and browns :)
I am hosting my best friend's baby shower this upcoming Saturday and look at this super cute "sweet pea stroller" charm I found for her Pandora bracelet. This photo really doesn't do it justice- the wheels turn and everything :)
I LOVE this business card holder.. Once again for Pampered Chef because one of their colors regarding success is red.. I am hoping to bestow this upon a member of my team ;)
How cute are these signature "Heart Notes"... You can choose a necklace you like and then pop a special "heart note" inside and the little envelopes on the necklace open up:
The quality of the jewelry is very impressive for the price.. This necklace is $54
Tiny love note to go in the envelope- only $6! Lots of detail on each one as well.
I wish I would have gotten these "Spectra" earrings for myself... These are the same ones I got my sis except in blue. So pretty.. and only $38!
A photo does NOT do these sparklers justice... I picked these up and put them down SO many times... They are crystal and shine like you wouldn't believe for $45... There is also a matching ring.. I think I have a jewelry addiction OY!
Loved this trio of rings called "Monte Carlo" for $58... You should have seen them shine!
Oh look a matching Spectra ring!!! :p
Funky belt buckle! $69
Are you as addicted as I am or am I alone here?! I want to go back!
Cute hobo bag.. A bit more though at $450
They feature "box sets" of charms in all different themes.. This one is a Fairy Tale theme and you get all three detailed charms for only $52.50
Travel chic charm set. Can you spot the signature hearts? This one is $53 for the set.
They have just come out with these great glass marquis necklaces for $48. Love the nautical theme.
Fancy badge or conference clips.. How smart is this ?!?! This mixed metal clip is $45

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