Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lia Sophia

I have a slight addiction to Lia Sophia jewelry... I blame my work wife for getting me addicted to accessories! Her favorite thing to shop for is earrings and she has gotten me hooked! My sister in law had a jewelry party right before we left for Hawaii so I nabbed a few pieces. I like how their jewelry doesn't tarnish and that there is a lifetime warranty... their specials are also unbeatable always incorporating half priced items ie. buy two regular priced pieces, get the next two half off- and they can be your most expensive pieces. Here is what I picked up and I'm super happy I did! Having nice jewelry to wear to work or for a night on the town always makes me feel a lot more dressed up:
This is my fav piece! "Peachy Keen" ring for $64 (I got for 50% off)
I got this to match the peachy keen ring. It's called the "bellini necklace" and it was $55 but I got an additional 50% off. It looks so pretty on and matches with tons of stuff.
Thought these earrings were pretty funky for $28
I've been looking for a nice gold bracelet for a while and this link charm bracelet caught my eye for $64 (I got 50% off this one too!)
For the linked charm bracelet I chose the "coral" as one of my charms for $20. I love things that look like tree branches.
I am also a sucker for keys... This guy was $20
 Do you like Lia Sophia? Where is your favorite place to buy jewelry?


  1. I think you're probably the perfect person to ask about this :) I'm having a lia sophia party tonight, and i have a friend who is interested in the charms for her brighton bracelet, but can't make it to see if they fit. Do you know if the Lia Sophia charms fit a Brighton bracelet? Thanks for any help!

  2. Hmmm.. Brighton bracelets are more like Pandora that screw on and Lia Sophia's clip on so I am not 100% BUT the good thing is she can order them and still get all her money back within 30 days if it doesn't work. Hope you get a big shopping spree :)


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