Friday, March 9, 2012

Recent Purchases!

Oy if there were only more hours in the day.. Sorry for the lack of posts lately! I wanted to share with you a few pieces that I purchased in Hawaii and some that I have bought as of late... I've been working so hard and much lately that I figured I needed a bit of a treat. Right? RIGHT! Happy Friday everyone and I hope that you treat yourself this weekend :)
Love this hand painted trucker hat I got in Kauai at Hanalei Bay for $22
I got this mother of pearl, quartz, fresh water pearl and other stone necklace from a market in South Kihei, Maui. The jeweler had some beautiful, really good quality pieces and this one stood out for me. The three balls on the end when it is hanging REALLY shine. She had a sale on this one from $56 to $23 so I snagged a great deal.
Trying to capture the shine on this one. I think it will match a lot of stuff!
Club Monaco.. $99 reg. $199.. LOVE my new J LO sweater ;)
This cozy guy was only $39 on from $189! Comfy and warm
I LOVE these for one of my besties Courtney... Damn u Kate Spade $$$
Speaking of Court I picked up this bib for her photog friend.    
Super Hero Fraggle to the rescueeeee!
Aww quite the daddy's boy cuddler ;)

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