Friday, March 16, 2012

Unique Diaper Cakes!

I just recently hosted my best friend's baby shower- you can view some photos here- but forgot to mention the incredible and unique diaper cake I had made for her! I wanted something a bit different and a gal on my Facebook page began posting some "Colcy Creations" of different diaper cakes she had constructed. WOW! So whimsical and personalized... I had a really busy week and didn't have time to assemble something like this. I was so thankful for Debi and her beautiful creation. Feel free to contact me for her contact information or check out her Facebook page HERE. Below are some photos of the cake she made for me and a few of her other amazing creations!:
I had a quad made for Shannon except she had a bunny theme for her nursery so there was a bunny riding the quad. The wheels are diapers and I like how there is a little description of what all is included in the cake between the wheels. aka. what size diapers, etc.
Cute back. The middle portion is a container that goes in the dishwasher for soothers, bottle pieces etc so they are not flying around when you turn your dishwasher on.
I LOVE frogs so this trike is right up my alley! Great for a neutral theme or if you don't know the sex
Boy trike and I believe she does motorcycles too!
a PLANE! How amazing are these?!
I like how she uses the socks as handlebars.

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