Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Coachella Style Weekend #1

Sorry for my delay in posts.. I have been resisting the shopping pretty good and laying low for the most part on the shopping front but I have been loving the fashion at Coachella the celebs have been rocking during the first weekend of the annual music fest music fest.. Native American inspired, midriff, hippie, boho beauty! Coachella Valley Music and Arts Annual Festival in California is very high on my bucket list to attend one day.. Camp out and listen to incredible music and dress like a rock star and maybe even see a few along the way.. Here are my favorite dressed celebs... Oh what I would do to see Florence + The Machine live..... Maybe next year ;)
Paris Hilton looking fab. I've always been a fan of her style..
Fun streaks, funky necklace and flowing skirt. Fairy Princessesque
Looking fab again. These hats are EVERYWHERE at Coachella
Rugged boots are one of the biggest fads I've noticed! They would most likely be ideal for the concerts on the grounds too instead of bare feet. Notice Kate Bosworth on the right- she is a Coachella staple.
Vanessa Hudgens in Cowboy boots and an asymmetrical dress
Lea Michele, Lauren Conrad, Diane Kruger, Emma Watson all look fab. I like Lauren's bright shorts and straw hat. Diane is more demure in her Lacoste dress in the top right... And who doesn't like a tiger print romper?!
Kate Bosworth and her new beau. I need myself a pair of Hunter rain boots! Love her look.
Cute dress and headband. I don't think she can look bad ;)
Kate looking fab again- high top sneakers, mini shorts and a tiger top
Fergie.. And this begs me to ask the question. Do these celebs actual CAMP? I think not with their designer duds and costume changes. HA!
Yick Katy Perry... Coachella worst dressed?
Rihanna performing at Coachella.. She has tweeted some interesting photos over the past few days and good for her! Partying it up, pictured with a huge joint with Snoop Dogg etc. You go girl!
Hmm another interesting frock... Might be nice and cool tho!
Cute look- Whitney Port.
Tribal inspired accessories
Headbands, statement pieces, fringes and chains
Flower power.. and the infamous booties!
One of my favorite bands- Florence + The Machine
Beyonce rocking two hot trends- patterned pants and cap-toe heels
Love Nina Dobrev's look
Vanessa Hudgens.. I guess they do camp.. In lux 5th wheels ;)
Fringe sexy
Emma Roberts in a crop top and some ridiculously comfy looking pants. I WANT THESE!!!! 

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