Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Shopping in Edmonton...

James and I headed to Edmonton last Friday night to have a weekend of fun and see some friends we haven't seen in far too long. On Saturday morning we even shopped together.. and James wasn't bitchy or making smart remarks about my purchases. WOO HOO! The good thing about West Ed is it's enormity and variety of stores meaning James could traipse along to his own stores and I was able to fulfill my shopping craving. I ended up finding some awesome pieces even though we probably only hit 1/8th of the mall... Here are some of my finds and trend watching along the way!:
Look at these neon stunners from Aldo. Neon EVERYWHERE
How fun are these? I think it would have been fun to be a designer for Spring 2012.. bright colors, patterns and bold designs.
How awesome is this ?! Found it at Urban
Haha also from Urban. Such neat gifts there! love it.
Got this cute top on sale for $39.99 at Anthropologie. LOVE their clothes!
This dress looks AMAZING on!!! On sale for $49 from $80
Ladder stitch cardigan for $29.95 instead of $88 WOO!
Love the back and it can also be worn with your head through the hole so the cross is in the front of the sweater.
Didn't get the top I'm wearing but see the mint one in the background with black birds?! It looks awesome on and I scored it at Winners for $19.99 YaY!
Scored this BENCH cozy jacket on sales for $50 from $150! So warm :)
You likey? I've always wanted a Bench coat. Yay!
Neon lace skirt from Urban... Why? Because it is fun and I am going to pair it with a black tank and sky high black heels. This little gal was on sale for $19 from $89. SCORE!
Of all the cheap, teeny-bopper stores I like Garage best. $10
$10. I find their clothes wash really well and last a long time surprisingly
I tried to steer completely away from jewelry, accessories and shoes but these guys caught my eye for only $8 at Garage.. They scream summer! And so does the weather we are getting woo hooo!

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  1. Heeh, the party plate is FTW! And so is the dinosaur book! Have you bought those, or did you just take a picture of them? I like that jacket you scored from Bench! It reminds me of a friend who always wears jackets like that. :)


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