Thursday, April 19, 2012


Do you ever emotionally shop?! and by shop I mean break the fricken bank like I did yesterday?? Oy! So much for "I have been laying low on the shopping front yep yep"... When I was a kid and something bad would happen, my mom would pack us kids up for a shopping spree and lunch out. It would always lift our spirits and give us something to take our mind off the current situation. I think my purchases in the past few days reflect this coping mechanism. En route to a Pampered Chef show yesterday evening I was quite early so decided to 'pop' into Market Mall for a quick window shop. Although I managed to steer clear of the ice cream vendors and chocolate shops like I had originally intended.. I ended up at my favorite store there: P√úSCH. Here are my shiny new things that I am pretty damn excited about. And yes- my husband is spoiled rotten BUT it all plays into my strategy of "buy the man something and he shuts up":
I've never tried on William Rast jeans but these "Sadies" fit like a fricken gem. They were one of the few pairs that were on sale in my size.. Regular $349 and I got these for $160... Definitely the most expensive pair of jeans I have owned but they fit amazing and make me feel sexy- that is important right? James and I were just saying we need some new "going out" jeans.
They are quite long so I could wear them with heels and dress them up or down but I think these will be my going out jeans.. Love how William Rast jeans make your butt look RAWR!
Found this unique transparent blazer/cardigan that I have dubbed my "magician coat"... What drew me to it were the sparkles (obvio) but also... Take a peek at the neat back:
The back splits so that you can see whatever you are wearing underneath.. Think of paired with a nice dress OR this unique blouse that has buttons down the back and is longer in the back :)
Loving my new "magician coat" ... $60
Backwards tuxedo shirt... $45
Plain with little pockets on the front. I think I could really wear some funky jewelry with it!
Yay for new outfits!
James was spoiled with a new pair of William Rast jeans too.. His first pair of truly nice jeans EVER! He is normally a Wal Mart, Mark's or Winners boy for jeans.. hehe. Got them on sale for $130, regular $299
On him.. bad photo but they look AWESOME!
And I *may* have bought this cotton dress from Purr at lunch... It was on sale for $44.99 from $84... and *perhaps* the long cowel neck in the background that was on for $24... AHH SOMEONE STOP MEEEE!
Comfy and I could wear to work, out for a night on the town, out for dinner etc.. Versatile!

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