Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Look at this amazing grey jacket...
I found it on a clearance rack at Winners in Edmonton on sale for $19.99... Yep.. You heard that correctly. I love it!!! Looks really good on and matches a ton of stuff. Total steal!
Summertime baby!!! Loving our yard this year :)
Surprise gift in the mail from one of my besties at work <3
Got my eyebrows threaded last week... BEFORE
AFTER! I love threading... I get it done at Angles on 8th Avenue and it only costs $15. She is super quick and it doesn't remove a ton of the skin like waxing does.She is great with shape too.. I plucked too much in the middle on the right a while back and she is "rehabilitating" me. HA!
Baby Grace!!! My best friend's baby... She's so cuteeee
Loving this horse bit Gucci chain at Holt Renfrew
and the earrings... my mom would die for these!
Our buddy Bruce and James at Auburn Bay ready to fish!
My mother in law and I at Auburn Bay
Auburn House view from the lake
Row, row, row your boat!
Now THAT is a Margaritaville blender... PFFT $500 at Costco

Thursday, May 24, 2012

New York, New York!!!

Travel is the only thing that you spend money on that makes you richer... In less than two short weeks I am off to New York with my mom and aunt! I have wanted to travel to New York for as long as I can remember but James has absolutely NO desire to travel to the place of food and shopping. Let's be honest- I turn into a single-minded-monster when I shop and James hates spending money- so this definitely isn't going to be his trip. My aunt Beth is meeting us from Montreal and I can't wait to see her! So far we have a walking food tour booked and tickets to the play "Once". Here are some sights that I cannot wait to see and have dreamed of doing all my life. We leave June 6th and I can't wait to share with you all of my shopping finds.. I am finding it hard to not shop right now...
New York City bridge. So pretty! The city that never sleeps.
Manhattan. Apparently there are only certain places that you can build sky scrapers in New York because the bedrock is not stable enough to support huge towers in some places.
Times Square. I can't even picture seeing this in real life.
Statue of Liberty
Empire State Building
The Grand Central Station
Rockefeller Center
American Museum of Natural History
The Guggenheim Museum
And of course.. THE FOOD!!! I am dying to try New York Pizza....
and hot dogs....
and smoked meat..
New York bagel & lox
The Doughnut Plant advertised as America's best doughnut... Oh my...
Hot chocolate at City Bakery
New York's Chinatown has some infamous dishes that we are going to have to try.. Such as the crab & pork dumplings at Joe's Shanghai Chinatown.
And of course the SHOPPING!
Chinatown street view
Apparently the vintage finds are supposed to be out of this world
Luckily our boutique hotel, Affinia Gardens, is just 4 blocks from Central Park so we can get away from all of the madness

Monday, May 14, 2012

Recent Purchases- new and old!

Have you ever been to the Value Village in Shawnessy? Wowza- we went in there this past week to look for bright clothing for an 80's weekend coming up but we ended up finding a TON of nice stuff! I cannot get over how clean and organized this SE location is and instead of finding a bunch of gag clothing I found some great pieces! The store itself is so unbelievably clean, organized and all of the clothing has been washed and pressed. I was beyond impressed and now I understand why James has been finding tons of pieces from this location. There is even a crystal section and we found a serving platter that matched James' family set and picked that up too. What a great find! I seem to have been accumulating stuff in the past week here and there. All I have been craving is SHOPPING which is bad because I should be saving for New York.. I am putting myself on a spending FREEZE but take a peek at some of my recent finds:
How beautiful is this solid glass bowl? I found this at Value Village for $9.99!!! You would not believe how heavy this is- solid glass and the material alone is worth way more than they had it priced at. A bunch of ladies picked this up and then put it back down... I picked it up expecting it to be around $50 but scored it for $10!!! Hello new fruit bowl ;)
I've shown a few friends this piece and they cannot believe the craftsmanship for the price... WOO HOO! As mentioned- super heavy! A few nicks on the bottom which I will file off or even put a velvet circle on the bottom.
Also from VV - $3 necklace and bright yellow dress for $6. Fits like a charm!
I have dubbed this my Michael Jackson shirt.. It has small shoulder pads and sequins in gold, silver, black and blue. Love it! ... and it was only $6.99 from Value Village and is super long so it could act as a tunic with tights too :)
Close up of the sequins and shoulder pads.
I found this neon green messenger bag at Winners on sale for $23.99! LOVE! I think it will work great for New York and is a great neon splash for the season :)
Who needs a man?! Chocolate & perfume for ME!
Been searching for nice lounge chairs forever! Superstore $99/each
 These are the cheapest I have found at $99/each as they are normally around $150 each. I am happy they came with cute little accent pillows too! We loveee our backyard and spend a ton of time out here. Since our yard is south facing it gets so darn hot out (three exploded thermometers and many scorched plants later...) and these loungers will be perfect for tanning and spending days curled up with a good book.
New froggie dude in his spot!!! He makes me happyyyy.
It was the Auburn Bay garage sale parade this past weekend and I managed to pop into a few Saturday morning. I scored this vintage Tupperware cake dome for only $8!!! (Reg around $60)... It has a second tier inside if you wish and a handle for carrying. My mom has one that she literally uses every Sunday for family dinner :)
Scored these guys for $2 each from the same one. You can never have enough Tupperware it seems.. Not to mention it's lifetime warranty.
I swear that I own a large portion of the Lia Sophia catalog... Another party.. Another purchase for the Andies! These matte gold bangles are regularly $98 but there was a special so I got them for $50. Can't wait to get them.