Thursday, May 24, 2012

New York, New York!!!

Travel is the only thing that you spend money on that makes you richer... In less than two short weeks I am off to New York with my mom and aunt! I have wanted to travel to New York for as long as I can remember but James has absolutely NO desire to travel to the place of food and shopping. Let's be honest- I turn into a single-minded-monster when I shop and James hates spending money- so this definitely isn't going to be his trip. My aunt Beth is meeting us from Montreal and I can't wait to see her! So far we have a walking food tour booked and tickets to the play "Once". Here are some sights that I cannot wait to see and have dreamed of doing all my life. We leave June 6th and I can't wait to share with you all of my shopping finds.. I am finding it hard to not shop right now...
New York City bridge. So pretty! The city that never sleeps.
Manhattan. Apparently there are only certain places that you can build sky scrapers in New York because the bedrock is not stable enough to support huge towers in some places.
Times Square. I can't even picture seeing this in real life.
Statue of Liberty
Empire State Building
The Grand Central Station
Rockefeller Center
American Museum of Natural History
The Guggenheim Museum
And of course.. THE FOOD!!! I am dying to try New York Pizza....
and hot dogs....
and smoked meat..
New York bagel & lox
The Doughnut Plant advertised as America's best doughnut... Oh my...
Hot chocolate at City Bakery
New York's Chinatown has some infamous dishes that we are going to have to try.. Such as the crab & pork dumplings at Joe's Shanghai Chinatown.
And of course the SHOPPING!
Chinatown street view
Apparently the vintage finds are supposed to be out of this world
Luckily our boutique hotel, Affinia Gardens, is just 4 blocks from Central Park so we can get away from all of the madness

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  1. wooow awwsome. So.. i'm indonesian, and i falling in love with New york!! Pssstt... the foo look so delicioso! yummiii.. :)
    xoxo, Alqy wina christy


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