Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Objects of desire...

Even though I have been a shopping machine lately I have some pieces or products I am lusting over... I think that once you get on a roll with shopping you just want to keep SHOPPING. Yep- I'm a bit shopping addicted... Maybe it's because of my upcoming trip to New York? Maybe because the change of seasons has been making me lust over so many new pieces. Either way here are some things I want this season. These are total wants and needs so we will see if I can control my craving:
Wish this was in Celsius! Our backyard is south facing and it gets SO hot back there. Anywhere from 5-10 degrees hotter than it says according to any weather site or app. Every thermometer we have bought has either exploded from the heat or just stopped working. I have wanted  a nice one for a while to see what the temp is and like the looks of this one. I want something digital and easy to read... OR...
something fun and decorative would be really nice too. I have found these type seem to break really easy through our extreme weather changes though
Cutlery wind charm. I love my garden and adorning it with funky things as you can see here.
In fact I purchased this little fellow on Monday. I was walking past Hallmark and spotted him in the +15's and stopped dead in my tracks. HA! I LOVE frogs and although they don't make the best decor for inside I love them for the garden. This guy is $18.99 and I shall name him Mortimer. HA!
James' Christmas gift didn't work too well.. I want the Nespresso brand milk frother!!! :)
Okay definitely a WANT... PFFT.. Have you ever been to the site ?? DANGER! My neighbor and I thought these would be way too much fun for the lake. $100!
Almost bought these from Spring.. $30.. I love butterflies! :)
I LOVE THIS HAT! $95 at Holt Renfrew though.. :( Comes in pink too.
I really like these cork sandals I have been gazing at in the Nine West window for $130. The thick heel and cork wedge is super hot this season...I need a pair of heels this color too :p
These are my other favs from Nine West for $130 as well. These are called "FROCK" which I think would look great with a cute summer frock!
Tory Burch flats... I have wanted a pair of these for so long. I twisted my ankle a few weeks ago and my ankle is still not strong enough for heels so I have been motoring around in flats a lot. I would like all of these pleaseeee.
Red could match a lot.. black, brown, grey.. .HmmMmmm
Cap toe heels.. in black & gold...
This trend has really grown on me this season. What do you think?!
I nearly bought a long gold key necklace this weekend and shouldn't have passed it up. I want a long gold necklace to accessorize when I wear gold and this one had three different length of chains too... It was only $22... Might have to head back and purchase it!
For more as a splurge I REALLY want a fitted, women's leather jacket with a floppy open top like this... BADDD!

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