Monday, June 25, 2012

More shiny's from NYC!

I still have yet to do a proper fashion show with all of my new purchases.. I am the worst for not taking the time to change into each piece and take photos in the evening.. It either slips my mind or seems like an ordeal. I give big kudos to the gals out there who manage to post daily wear blogs and "outfits of the day". Food blogging is so much easier because you can snap a photo before you scarf the meal. Here are some more of my NYC purchases! I promise I will do a post with them all soon... and some of my recent Cowgirl pieces Yee Haw!
Love this top I got in Greenwich for $52. Short in the front and longer in the back.It works with a nude bra or I wore a cami underneath it to work and got a ton of compliments on it... I am a huge fan of billowy blouses that are super comfortable. This is a new favorite for a hot day! Feels like I am nakey.
I am in LOVE with these shoes also from Greenwich.. Only $55!
These have to be the most comfortable heels I have ever purchased. Ever. I wish I would have bought them in every color (olive green and black as well).. The leather is so unbelievably soft and the heel is the perfect size for booting it around town. The nude color matches EVERYTHING! I have to try to not wear them everyday. These were originally $119 but they were on sale and I talked the guy down more due to a few scuffs I removed with a Magic Eraser ;)
LOVE these spike bracelets I got at a consignment store.. $12 each
Arm party! I nearly bought this exact spike bracelet from Stella & Dot for $65.. I actually saw these bracelets in the window of the store in Greenwich Village and ran in just to see how much they were. I was SHOCKED that they were only $12 so I had to get silver and gold obviously. I've worn them a few times and I think the gold one looks great with my new Lia Sophia bangles since it has the same matte finish. The funny part is that this particular store hadn't even opened for business yet and happened to have their door unlocked. I was their first customer! :)
I got this Betsey Johnson skirt from a sample sale for only $62! WOO HOO! There were so many girls fighting over the rack and this one fit me like a glove. There were also no change rooms at this shop so it was a bit of a free-for-all with ladies throwing dresses on etc. I also got the white shell for $15 from a really cheap place in SOHO along with a beige one I have worn a few times. I really like the scalloped neckline and straps which looks great under a suit jacket or one its own.
Close up!
I got this Betsey Johnson tunic top on Maddison Avenue for $48 - regular $108 since they are going out of business. It is completely backless and people literally have gasped when I have gotten into an elevator or walking down the street! Love this one!
The back!
I found this Juicy Couture metallic floppy hat at the Juicy store on Madison Avenue... $59 on sale from $88.. I see it is on for $29 now though dammit! Ah well it looks awesome on and might even work for Stampede.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Masquerade Madness Foreplay Friday!

What an awesome weekend!!! One of my best friends and I planned the party to end all parties for the Foreplay Friday ladies this past weekend. What started as a high end house party turned into a circus theme of entertainment and fun. We really wanted to knock our friend's socks off after a few lackluster events and I think we exceeded all of their expectations. This brainchild was born when we were traipsing along 17th Avenue and stopping for a drink at each bar we passed.We stopped in at Ox & Angela and the charismatic bartender had us captivated for over two hours. At the end of his flashy show he gave us a card and mentioned that he privately caters and bar tends for events with his company Liquid Dynamix. That got us thinking! What if... we had a house to throw a big bash in (we secured our friend's mansion in Aspen who is currently traveling the world)... had a bartender create specialty cocktails for us.... and then we thought: what better than a stripper giving us a "noise violation"??... This idea turned into many more and we ended up hiring a belly dancer to break the ice at the beginning and finally some live music in the form of Matt Blais. Matt was INCREDIBLE. He had no idea what he was showing up for and a coworker hooked us up through a long chain of people. He didn't know if he was playing for a retirement party or what the deal was. He began his set with "to the weirdest gig I've ever played!" and I am sure it was a night he will never forget ;) .. We set up a candy bar, decorations, had glow sticks for the girls and a masquerade theme. It took a lot of time and effort to plan this but it was so worth it. I hope you gals had fun! Here are some highlights :)
Candy bar!
My beautiful partner in crime!
First guest to arrive! Pretty neighbor with a mask from New Orleans!
Spence getting set up. It was great because he brought his own bar, glassware, tools and mats. He also got us a great deal on booze so we did an all-inclusive all-you-can-drink deal for the ladies.
I highly recommend this enthusiastic, hard working bar tender for your event! He really impressed us and went far beyond the call of duty.
Another arrival. Can you believe she MADE this mask ??? Amazing!
Speaking of sexy arrivals. Wowza!!!
How amazing is this mask?! Bought online.. So unique!
Our first specialty drink- "Royal Bubbles". Prosseco & Chambord
The drinks that Spence created for our event displayed on his iPad. SO cool!
Another arrival, some more great masks!
Beauty butterfly mask! Love the dress :)
Belly dancer Donna doing her thing. Another great act to hire!
Time to shake your booty!
Sexy black dress brigade has arrived!
Love this one!
I have hot friends. No joke.
Loving the specialty cocktails!
I got this cute Betsey Johnson skirt and top in New York.
BAHAHA He was such a nice guy though. Ended up chilling with us for awhile
Family portrait with Mr. Diamond!
Some latecomers
Glow sticks for the girls... Obviously ;)
Matt was AMAZING!!!
I think he had fun too ;)
Thanks for the incredible night ladies. People make a party :)   

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Shopping in NYC!

Here is a sneak peek of some of the things I got in New York and just some all-around photos of shopping in this amazing city. We had such a great trip.. I really could have shopped a lot MORE but with the limited time and some of the things we had planned we did as much as we could. As per usual I could have spent all day gazing through aisles of clothing in boutiques and sipping champagne on Madison Avenue. The vintage and consignment stores were so incredibly high end and abundant! There were security guards at the front and the items themselves looked brand new. Such a great place to find vintage, unique pieces. I have to go back. SOON! I will post my other purchases soon too :)
Shopping in Montreal airport... Loved this bracelet immediately...
AND it's reversible!!! Two bracelets in one! Only $29!
The clasp is a really strong magnet. Never seen a bracelet like this
Awe struck in Times Square
Shiny shoes in Times Square
We hit up macy's and Bloomingdales. Next time will be Sak's!
This skinny building is the first macy's ever. Wow!
Looks to me like it puked GIRL all up in here. They gave you pink velvet lined boxes to put your selections into while you shopped. How fun! This was in Greenwich Village.
Funky neon platforms
I adored the window displays everywhere. I guess they are really fancy during Christmas as well.
My aunt with her beautiful new Coach bag! Great color :)
Funky window display in Soho.
There were so many great bags at Kate Spade I was tempted by....
Shiny things! I wanted the necklace closest to this caption with lots of diamonds and neon accents. It GLISTENED!
Each year Kate Spade comes out with a new "animal" wicker bag. Last year was an elephant and this year- an armadillo! I am kind of kicking myself for not splurging... I mean, how unique is this?! There is one at Holt right now... $350.. Same price as in the States hmmmm. It would be a conversation piece! There is a funky fabric inside him too and he opens like a picnic basket.
This vintage boutique was incredible in Soho. An eccentric owner was leading customers around. There was an appointment book so they could book an exlusive appointment just for you and of course a stocked liquor cabinet for refreshments while you shopped. Most boutiques have their pieces organized by color which looks fantastic. Big Bird coat anyone?
I found a ton of great stuff in here for CHEAP!
Happy with our purchases en route to China Town
The infamous Canal Street in China Town. Great knock offs & cheap perfume
Neat Anthropologie window display in Chelsea Market
Diane von Furstenburg's store, design studio & home in the Meat Packing District
Audio sets ready to rock at the Guggenheim museum. Beautiful place!
I got these super cute cream and sugar bowls from the Guggenheim that resemble the shape of the building itself. I thought they would be a great keepsake and they match our dishes exactly. Only $20 for both too!
Street vendors in Central Park during our carriage ride
Carriage ride thru Central Park... $50 for 15 minutes PFFT.
More beautiful fashion eye candy
Park Avenue. Great shopping street in the Upper East Side.
Found a great straw hat I will post soon at Juicy... Lots of fun!
My aunt wearing her beautiful new Tory Burch loafers.