Monday, June 25, 2012

More shiny's from NYC!

I still have yet to do a proper fashion show with all of my new purchases.. I am the worst for not taking the time to change into each piece and take photos in the evening.. It either slips my mind or seems like an ordeal. I give big kudos to the gals out there who manage to post daily wear blogs and "outfits of the day". Food blogging is so much easier because you can snap a photo before you scarf the meal. Here are some more of my NYC purchases! I promise I will do a post with them all soon... and some of my recent Cowgirl pieces Yee Haw!
Love this top I got in Greenwich for $52. Short in the front and longer in the back.It works with a nude bra or I wore a cami underneath it to work and got a ton of compliments on it... I am a huge fan of billowy blouses that are super comfortable. This is a new favorite for a hot day! Feels like I am nakey.
I am in LOVE with these shoes also from Greenwich.. Only $55!
These have to be the most comfortable heels I have ever purchased. Ever. I wish I would have bought them in every color (olive green and black as well).. The leather is so unbelievably soft and the heel is the perfect size for booting it around town. The nude color matches EVERYTHING! I have to try to not wear them everyday. These were originally $119 but they were on sale and I talked the guy down more due to a few scuffs I removed with a Magic Eraser ;)
LOVE these spike bracelets I got at a consignment store.. $12 each
Arm party! I nearly bought this exact spike bracelet from Stella & Dot for $65.. I actually saw these bracelets in the window of the store in Greenwich Village and ran in just to see how much they were. I was SHOCKED that they were only $12 so I had to get silver and gold obviously. I've worn them a few times and I think the gold one looks great with my new Lia Sophia bangles since it has the same matte finish. The funny part is that this particular store hadn't even opened for business yet and happened to have their door unlocked. I was their first customer! :)
I got this Betsey Johnson skirt from a sample sale for only $62! WOO HOO! There were so many girls fighting over the rack and this one fit me like a glove. There were also no change rooms at this shop so it was a bit of a free-for-all with ladies throwing dresses on etc. I also got the white shell for $15 from a really cheap place in SOHO along with a beige one I have worn a few times. I really like the scalloped neckline and straps which looks great under a suit jacket or one its own.
Close up!
I got this Betsey Johnson tunic top on Maddison Avenue for $48 - regular $108 since they are going out of business. It is completely backless and people literally have gasped when I have gotten into an elevator or walking down the street! Love this one!
The back!
I found this Juicy Couture metallic floppy hat at the Juicy store on Madison Avenue... $59 on sale from $88.. I see it is on for $29 now though dammit! Ah well it looks awesome on and might even work for Stampede.

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