Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My WeEkEnD!

Tomorrow we leave for New York! Before I left I thought I would share some pictures of our weekend including my newly planted garden. Yay! If you follow this blog you know how much I love to garden and look forward to planting all the pretty flow flows in the spring. Here are some highlights from our relaxing weekend.. SO excited about New York and I cannot wait to show you all of my new shiny things! Have a great rest of your week :)
Treating myself to a peanut buster parfait Saturday
Can't believe I polished that and a burger. Okay maybe I can... ;P
OMG! Lifted up our couch and found our cat Fraggle's treasure chest...
Maple latte bowl from Cora's in Okotoks. Total hidden gem- the one at Southtrail Crossing is always lined up out the door.
James chose the 10 Star Omelet for his breakfast and thought it was great.
I chose oatmeal with devonshire cream, strawberries, blueberries and granola. Oh man this was delicious. I couldn't finish the whole bowl though and also ordered a disappointing side of bacon.
Pretty fleurs we purchased from Costco... Love the lavender looking purples and burgundy dahlia
Dahlias are my new favorite flower. As of Sunday.
James always likes to make a "fire pot" of yellow and red flowers that he puts in our fire pit. These are Indian paintbrushes and yellow begonias.
Our bleeding heart bush is huge this year. It grows so much every year along with our mint that we have to cut back and prevent from taking over.
Strawberry patch!
Pansies in the front garden box
We planted two flowering bushes in the back on the far left and right. They are perennials and the flowers are supposed to be pink. They have already grown a lot from when this photo was taken. In the middle back are two Alberta rose bushes and in the front wave petunias that will take over soon!

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