Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I cannot believe that James and I have almost been married for three years! Time flies when you are having fun. We were married on August 2, 2009 at the Kananaskis Lodge and it was hands down the best day of our lives. We normally celebrate by spending time together and in past years have booked a cabin in Windermere & scrapbooked our honeymoon all weekend or gone for a nice dinner.We always get each other something special and I am trying to think about what I am going to get him for our anniversary?! We did scrapbooking for the first year because James surprised me since the 1st anniversary is the "paper anniversary"... Second anniversary is "cotton anniversary" (he got me Lulu Lemon pants) and the third wedding anniversary gift is traditional leather.. LEATHER? Have I been reading too much Fifty Shades or is that just kinky? ANY IDEAS? I always feel as though the best gift is time so concert tickets or an event is always a good idea. Here is what I have been scheming- and this is what he gets for never checking my shopping blog! 
If I actually follow the leather tradition...
Quite a nice leather journal. James always takes notes at community meets and has various hideous three ringed binders strewn throughout the house.
Interesting... custom leather luggage tags. I like the whole "adventuring together since" and your anniversary date
How about a men's leather satchel ?!
Men's leather bomber. Hot. But what does he think I am? Rich? Bahaha.. I am totally asking for a leather jacket. ;)
Preferably a Mackage from Aritzia. Mmmkay? Maybe he should look at this post ;)
But seriously though....
He really wants a golfing windbreaker
But they all seem so boring... I guess boys don't wear pink shiny things golfing
He's really gotten into good Scotch lately.. but which to choose?
I don't think he's truly owned a *nice* pair of sunglasses that don't come from a gas station...
How cool are these wing nut cufflinks? James only has one pair of cufflinks I found for him at an antique shop for our wedding.. Maybe a french cuffed shirt and some cufflinks? They say every man should have at least one french cuffed shirt.
Cufflinks I found for James for the wedding

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