Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I've lied to you and I apologize! All these promises of New York goodies being shared etc and little miss shopper hasn't divulged. Hope that you had a great Stampede! We had a great time yipping it up and spending time with good friends. I thought I would share some photos with you and new pieces!:
New Purchases...
I got this cute outfit in New York at Betsey Johnson. So comfortable! The sheer blouse with the detail on the neck and arms was originally $90 but I got it on sale for $45 and the skirt was originally $85 but I got it on sale for $40. What a steal!
Here's a pic of it on. Love this outfit :)
I got this breezy top in NYC for $16.50! It crosses in the back       
I love garage saling! All these coolers for $30. I saw an extremely small one for $18 at WalMart the other day. Our old cooler was from the 1970's and breaking. We have used the juice jug a ton for beergaritas.
Free cowboy hat!!! I got white hatted at the rodeo and got this Smith Built for FREE! YEE HAW! I love how it says the 100th Stampede on the side and has a red belt on it.
I found this top for $19.99 at Winners. So comfy- Winners has a great Western wear section around Stampede. Especially the downtown location.
Sky suite at Cowboys!
Country style skirt purchased from Winners $29.99
$10 from a craft fair... Not sure what to wear it with yet though?!
Love these Mexx khaki capris I got in Montreal en route to New York. They are so comfortable and I am wearing them today! They were on sale for $40 from $95. I seem to find great Mexx sales whenever I go in there and I like how their clothes wash and wear.
Mexx t with lace detail on the sleeves on sale for $20 from $40

Books I've read lately...
I think everyone and their kitten has read this book obviously... I bought it months ago when I heard about it on before it got really big. I lent it out a few times before I read it as I was getting through a few other books.. Definitely an easy, naughty read. The grammar and spelling mistakes drive me nuts and I think E.L. James needs to learn what a thesaurus is but of course- addicting. I'm about to begin the second book.
This book outlines Ruth Reichl's life as a food critic for the New York times around 1995. Reichl was the editor and chief of Gourmet Magazine for 20 years so she definitely knows her food. I love foodie books and this one was great! Her description of meals always made me crave what she was eating. For example: her detailing of a hole-in-the-wall Japanese restaurant that would grate wasabi root in front of you before each dish made my mouth water.
I've just started this book as well which is Ruth's first novel. That is actually her in the photo which was taken in 1955. The first few chapters are detailing her mother's catastrophes in the kitchen using rotten food. Hilarious! Can't wait to read this one. Ruth also includes recipes in each book as she goes along which I think is a great keepsake and was worth purchasing instead of getting from the library.
Next on my reading list is this book I got on Amazon from author Jeffrey Steingarten who is the opinionated foodie judge on Iron Chef. Looking forward to this read as it has gotten great reviews.

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