Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'm impressed...

So the below two pairs of shoes in the post below ended up being a disaster. The heels gave me blisters the size of a dime on each big toe and when I took them off that day the entire insole was peeling away?! I wore the leopard print thongs once and the thong piece in between the toe popped out and broke while I was walking to my car after work yesterday. What a joke! I have never experienced such poor quality of footwear from Aldo before. Of course I had already recycled the bag, boxes and receipt too... I went on a rant on Twitter and Aldo actually contacted me! They told me to go to and were able to get me a transaction number of my purchase. I went to the store armed with this and a bank statement and got a FULL refund! I couldn't believe it. Way to go Aldo! 
In other news my dress from HauteLook arrived! Whatcha think?!
The fabric feels like a faux suede and is not stretchy at all
Thank goodness it fits.. I thought it was going to be a cotton blend.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Everything is on sale dammit...

Working beside a mall has its ups and downs... It's so handy for baby gifts, Christmas gifts and entertaining lunch hours but when you have to walk through it daily... and everything is on SALE it can be dangerous. I decided to just "quickly" pop into Aldo on Friday as there were sale signs advertising up to 70% off plastered all over the windows and picked up some neat pieces. I figure this is the time to buy summer clothes though as we are headed to Jamaica for a wedding in January. JUSTIFIED!
Mustard bag that can be worn across the body. The girl in front of me was wearing it at the checkout and I squealed how much  I loved it. She pointed to the sale rack and it was on for $19.99 from $49.99! WOOP! SOLD!
A better photo form the website that shows the size and color a lot clearer than my photo. It's a really soft synthetic leather as well.
I thought this practical, comfortable shoe would go a long way. They were on sale for $35.00 from $90.00!!! I LOVE SALES!
Some leopard print T-strap sandals with a charm around the ankle. Super comfortable and only $24.00 on sale from $50.00
I *almost* purchased these beauties for only $30.00 but I could tell I could only wear them for a very small time period as they were really angled and uncomfortable to walk in. Too bad! Another great thing about Aldo sales is they will ship in the size you are looking for to either the closest store or your door if they are out of your size. So convenient.

Anniversary shiny things!

What I came home to after dinner!
 Well neither of us stuck to the "leather" 3rd anniversary traditional gift but we did go out for a fantastic meal and spoiled each other rotten!!! Both of our birthdays are in December so we both enjoy giving and getting gifted presents in the summer since we don't normally receive any. I thought James went a bit above and beyond but for the record, I bought dinner!!! Here are a few of the gifties :)
I got James a Mike Weir golf outfit that he loved
And a matching wind breaker which he was mentioning he needed :)
Everyone needs a SCHTICKY!
GUESS sunnies and two pairs of yoga pants (not Lulu)
This garden fellow
GUESS hoodie that I have to exchange as it is too small
Spoiled rotten! It was such fun! :) We never used to celebrate our dating anniversary but I am glad we make a big deal out of the wedding one. It's a lot of fun.

Damn you HauteLook!

I unsubscribed from HauteLook for a reason... The bloody e-mail pops up each morning with great daily deals from various designers that are shipped to your door. DANGER! My newest coworker is always raving about the deals and yesterday there were truly some gems... I need some new knickers and picked up some "Skinnygirl Shapewear" by Bethenny Frankel that was SUCH a great deal!!! Here is what I purchased... and yes... am subscribed to HauteLook again dammit. If you have never heard of HauteLook I recommend checking them out- insane daily deals for cheap or the Canadian version, Beyond the Rack.