Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Anniversary shiny things!

What I came home to after dinner!
 Well neither of us stuck to the "leather" 3rd anniversary traditional gift but we did go out for a fantastic meal and spoiled each other rotten!!! Both of our birthdays are in December so we both enjoy giving and getting gifted presents in the summer since we don't normally receive any. I thought James went a bit above and beyond but for the record, I bought dinner!!! Here are a few of the gifties :)
I got James a Mike Weir golf outfit that he loved
And a matching wind breaker which he was mentioning he needed :)
Everyone needs a SCHTICKY!
GUESS sunnies and two pairs of yoga pants (not Lulu)
This garden fellow
GUESS hoodie that I have to exchange as it is too small
Spoiled rotten! It was such fun! :) We never used to celebrate our dating anniversary but I am glad we make a big deal out of the wedding one. It's a lot of fun.

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  1. OMG Love the gifts! Glad you spoiled each other!! The dinner looked fabulous too!


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