Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Garden love vs. HAIL STORM!

On Monday night I went frolicking around the yard proudly snapping photos of the babies aka. flowers we had grown from bulbs or seeds... until.. THE HAIL STORM 2012 rocked our yard last night.. Here are some before and after photos from Monday to Tuesday. OUCH! They'll grow back but it was definitely a sad day yesterday evening once the hail relented. Either way.. I love our garden!
Grown from a bulb. The blooms just exploded this week.
Our clematis vines that always bloom in July. Love these!
One of my besties gifted us with these and for years James would just whipper snip them by accident. Finally we let them flourish last year and in turn received so many beautiful purple flowers. James has now made a special home for them that he cannot get at with the whipper snipper and believes these plants have "proven themselves". HA!
Huge delias in maroon this year. Lots more to bloom.
Lettuce and green onion
Large and small tomatoes
These pretty guys actually spread seeds throughout our yard at the end of last season and we have been planting them in pots all year. Love the vibrant color and they also come in coral, red and orange.
Happy garden box overflowing
The big ones to the left are going to be shorter sunflowers, corn in the back right and the petunias have just taken over, as per usual.
Carrot patch
Lots of peas this year
Wild sunflower! James is 6'3 so that gives you an idea
WAHHH what a difference a day will make :(
Christmas in July?
My baskets in the front had not ONE bloom left on them. They are just green sticks and before the storm they looked like a flower explosion.
W-O-W. No wonder our garden was massacred.

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