Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'm impressed...

So the below two pairs of shoes in the post below ended up being a disaster. The heels gave me blisters the size of a dime on each big toe and when I took them off that day the entire insole was peeling away?! I wore the leopard print thongs once and the thong piece in between the toe popped out and broke while I was walking to my car after work yesterday. What a joke! I have never experienced such poor quality of footwear from Aldo before. Of course I had already recycled the bag, boxes and receipt too... I went on a rant on Twitter and Aldo actually contacted me! They told me to go to and were able to get me a transaction number of my purchase. I went to the store armed with this and a bank statement and got a FULL refund! I couldn't believe it. Way to go Aldo! 
In other news my dress from HauteLook arrived! Whatcha think?!
The fabric feels like a faux suede and is not stretchy at all
Thank goodness it fits.. I thought it was going to be a cotton blend.

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  1. I sometimes wonder if some of aldo's quality has gone down... but at least customer service was good about it! Cute maxi dress!


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