Friday, September 21, 2012

On da budge...

Wouldn't it be grand if you would be entertained with me posting photos of essentials and fun, unexpected tax reassessments and roof replacements? HA! I have been drooling over some new fall/winter pieces but restraining due to some expenses that have popped up really setting us back. Pampered Chef was audited for 2010/2011 and all of the incentives we earn, trips, free product is now considered taxable income so I owed thousands in taxes and we have had to replace a roof etc... I think the truth is that James' year off has really caught up with us but a few more months on the budge and we will be back on track. It's the tightest we have been in about six years and I know this sounds weird but it is kind of fun... Only because it is something different I suppose. We are finding creative ways to save money and cut corners which has proven to be a fun challenge. I've actually been packing my lunch and we had a big vegetable yield from the garden this year which has helped with groceries. We've been meal planning a lot more instead of just buying the "shiny" things I see at the grocery store. We've brought in our summer bottles to take my mom for a nice birthday lunch, hello $75 worth of fun times! HA! And even rolled some of our change for a night out etc. We are not that strapped but it's a good experiment to see how budget conscience we can be so that we will be ahead again in a few months. I've even stopped bringing my wallet if I am headed to meet a friend for lunch at the mall which has stopped me from those impulsive splurges. But hey- a girl can still scour the internet for things she would like, right? OH! And as I always say, if your cheque book says no, host a show! I had a Norwex party a few weeks back and got $350 in FREE products! Have you ever heard of Norwex? They aim to take the chemicals out of your life from when you first wake up in the morning until you go to sleep. They feature a number of cleaning products and more recently chemical free beauty and personal care products. Here are some of my new cleaning supplies AND things I probably don't need anyways ;)
For having a show I got two of these enviro cloths for free- they clean up any washable surface and you can use for dusting, tiles, bathtubs, counters, etc. The nice thing about Norwex cloths is they don't smell like a dying dog after a few days of use because they don't hold bacteria like other cloths.
I LOVE this window cloth. I actually have two at home but was gifted another one for having a show. All you do is dampen the cloth and can use on mirrors, windows or glass- no need for chemical sprays/
Veggie and fruit scrub cloth. There is a rough side for scrubbing and a smooth for polishing.
I've never used this guy before but everyone has been raving about it. This is the "Mighty mesh pot scrubber" which is supposed to work great and not rust.
Apparently these bath towels are super absorbent. Although the color doesn't really turn my crank I am excited to try them out.. I received this as a gift as well. Totally worth it to host a Norwex show!
Body pack face and body cloths that are great for removing make up and exfoliating.
Haha I find these a bit hokey ?!! Hopefully I will use this hair turban ?
Super pumped for this highly absorbent bath mat which holds up to 10x its weight in water. I think it will be great in our ensuite.
I am definitely most excited for this product! I have allergies and asthma and this cleaner is designed to remove organic material from mattresses aka. dust mites! It's supposed to be applied every 4 months with a light mist and works miracles apparently... We can use it on our pillows, comforters, etc. The consultant was saying her husband had this gross down pillow from college that was so heavy... 8 lbs! After spraying with this mattress spray it went down 2 lbs.! EWWWW!
This SPORTzyme is for James' stinky hockey bag... Hopefully it will relieve the garage of some of the odors.
One of the most impressive pieces of Norwex's line is their mop. The telescopic handle works great for windows, trailers and tall men! HA! LOVE this mop, we had such a shitty one before and this has seriously changed our floors.
How amazing is this Kate Spade gemstone bracelet?! It would match EVERYTHING!
Have I mentioned how much I want this jacket?!?! *WHIMPER*
Solar window charger
Band-Aid Friction block... No more blisters!
Michael Kors leg shine.. I need this for my stems.
Lacy racer back bra... So it's cute when it shows.
Speaking of lace... I still am lusting over a pair of lace shorts.. I bet I could get some on sale now!
Perfect for after the beach in Jamaica for a wedding in Jan!
Casual pants that you can dress up
Still wanting some cute rubber boots... maybe lined or with long socks so I can wear them well into fall?!
I'm normally known for my bold lips but I would like to give nude ones a try!

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