Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Online shopping is the devil

I was so proud of myself for packing a paper bag lunch two whole days in a row and not spending a dime (trust me it is hard downtown when everyone goes for coffee a few times a day, parking, gas, evening expenses, lunches, etc)... until I got an e-mail from PartyLite (one of my shopping addictions- we love and burn a lot of candles!) about a great sale and then this amazing HauteLook deal came through in my inbox. Am I a hopeless shmuck or what? Oh who cares I am super pumped for my new purchases.. Wanna seee?:
If you have never bought PartyLite wax you may not understand but they are the best quality candles on the market. The wicks are made with just cotton and do not contain harmful chemicals like lead (to test your candles at home place a coffee filter over the smoke from the flame and see if the coffee filter turns black). The pillar candles also burn like pancakes and don't "tunnel". I got two of these guys on the outlet for $14 each instead of $25.00 in "arctic oasis" scent. whatever that means.. If you need a PartyLite gal let me know, I have a great one!
The whole reason for my purchase! I bought a few of these "Nature's Light" candles for the men in my life last year for Christmas and James' uncle LOVES his and won't stop talking about it. The benefit is the wooden wick that actually crackles like a fire and the masculine scent. They are regularly $27 but I scored three on sale for $12 yesterday! All of the $12 ones are sold out too! WOOP! Christmas shopping has begun.
I seem to burn a lot of tealights around Christmas time because I have a few trinkets that use candles and I got this pack on sale for $11 for 18 (that is a score as well)
As mentioned- love their pancake-burning pillar candles. This is a "pillar garden" for $40 and they combine varying pillar heights and colors which looks awesome on some pillar holders I have by the fireplace of varying heights. If you haven't tried PartyLite candles- you are missing out!
Say hello to my new lace up riding boots from HauteLook today by the brand Carrini. Guess how much, guess how much, guess how muchhhh?
$29 on sale from $70!!! Still a bargain at $70... They aren't genuine leather though... We will see how they go but $29 ?!?!?! HELLOOOOO NEW BOOTS!
I thought these would be good for getting to work in the snow. They were on for $22 from $50
And of course I had to have them in grey too.... I mean for $22 ?!
$15.00.... Regular $40. I really need some more black flats and was about to buy some Michael Kors ones at Browns for $95. So glad I didn't!
And I had to get some beige cap toed ones as well.... $15?! Yes please!


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  2. nice collection specially shoes. thanks for shearing this useful post. keep it up.
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  3. Yes its really a nice collection but I like the showpiece candles much more than the shoes. I love to decorate my interior with this type of candles, even I have 12-15 pieces already in my room for decoration.


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