Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Stampin' Up!

I attended my very first Stampin' Up home party for a good friend of mine last night and now I see what all of the fuss is about! This particular consultant was really passionate and oh man did she have a boner for paper.. We played a few games and I even won a door prize yayyy! She made two beautiful cards that she said were $0.13 each- they looked like $10 cards from Papyrus, I was impressed! I often have to buy cards for my Pampered Chef team not to mention birthday gifts, babies, etc so I thought this would be a great way to save a little by spending a little. The craft we made to take home was this super cute little purse:
Hard to believe this was just a sheet of paper before.
I am going to use my little purse as a gift box. What do you think? Do you like to scrapbook? My husband and I like to scrapbook the big trips that we go on together. It never seizes to amaze me how creative he can be with page ideas! I think he will kill me for writing that.. HA!
I ended up purchasing a few things although it was hard holding back. Here is what I bought and hope to get a lot of use out of:
I chose this set of clear stamps that you can pop on and off of a block to ink and stamp onto cards.. I love the "celebrate today" one- that and the font sold me! This set was $15.95
I bought these pages of card stock which will make 40 cards. All you need to do is cut the pages in half and fold in half and you get a card. This color scheme is called "subtle" and I wanted it because I chose a darker ink that I am hoping will work on each page. These were only $8.95!
When we scrapbook we have used a lot of jewel embellishments so I thought these different sizes of pearls would look good on cards or in our books. I was super impressed with the prices- much cheaper than Michaels! (Alicia don't kill me- I get it now! HA!) $6.50
Once you scrapbook with one of these "snail adhesive" tapes you will never use a glue stick again. Way easier to administer and you don't make a huge mess. You can do even borders, pieces of ribbon, etc. Love it!
The ink pads are really need. they fold back and slide behind the ink to lock so that you don't get any ink in your hands and you can refill the absorbent foam pads with bottles of ink. I got one of these for my stamps for $7.25
If you spent over $50 you got a free ribbon so I got this "midnight muse" which will go with the ink I purchased. It's neat because each "family" of colors matches between the ink, ribbon, card stock and pens. Cool! Okay maybe I have a boner for paper now?! What is your favorite Stampin' Up product?
Speaking of scrapbooking... I have recently been introduced to a Cricket. Have you ever seen one of these beauties?! You insert a CD with the theme of intricate designs you want to cut out, press the size and paper and VOILA! It will spit out a laser cut, beautifully detailed creation that you would never have been able to cut on your own. Pretty amazing and these can run you around $300-500! Might be worth it for the hardcore scrapbooker in your life?!

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  1. Sounds like another girl is hooked on Stampin' Up! I have been a demonstrator for about 2 years, and I LOVE IT! The excitement you feel the first time never goes away; it happens again and again with each new product release. I hope you will enjoy it and become a long-time customer, or maybe even a demonstrator yourself! :o) Welcome to the family!!


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