Friday, October 19, 2012

Pajama Jeans.. and some COMFY dress pants

If I had my choice- I would never wear pants. No pants to work, no pants at home. No pants DANCE! I don't like the way they feel around my belly. I don't like the flexibility of them. I prefer Lululemon pants obviously or long t shirts with no pants at all. I mean- is there such thing as comfortable underwear? I have yet to find it. I did see these new beauties online today though that are apparently the new rage. Pajama Jeans?! Rachel Ray had them on her show recently and hell- they aren't have bad. Above is the official infomercial and I am pretty much Goddamn sold. They use a material called "dormisoft" even have pockets with stitching and embellishments for $39.99. What? These could probably fool most men and it might be worth it to give them a try... For around the house that is ;) Here are some photos:
I quite like the dark denim actually
Cozy! No buttons to leave impressions on your skin.
My newest co-worker has introduced me to these incredible "Premium" brand dress pants that are like wearing pajama pants. Club Monaco currently is selling them from $65-110 and we found them at RW & Co. today in a slew of different colors for $39.50 - $55. SOLD! These pants literally slip on like leggings and are SO comfortable. Colors included purple, red, indigo blue, grey, dark grey, black, khaki, etc. Here are the ones I got:
Look at these beauts! I love the suede detail on the inside of the leg and they look super nice on. And are sooo comfortable! I haven't shopped at RW & Co. in forever- I'm glad I have rediscovered them again. These guys were $55 but you can get just plain black with no insert for $49
This is the magic in these pants folks- elastic waistband. Oh yes. No buttons or snaps or hooks or the usual bullshit that dress pants have.
And in red! The fabric is quite different with these. Almost like a stretchy silk or something. AND these were only $39.50 and look like a lot more than that when they are on.


  1. They do look comfortable. Whether pajamas or not, comfort is king. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice Pajama Jeans looking comfortable and cheap to buy.

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