Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Shopping in Edmonton...

James and I headed to Edmonton last Friday night to have a weekend of fun and see some friends we haven't seen in far too long. On Saturday morning we even shopped together.. and James wasn't bitchy or making smart remarks about my purchases. WOO HOO! The good thing about West Ed is it's enormity and variety of stores meaning James could traipse along to his own stores and I was able to fulfill my shopping craving. I ended up finding some awesome pieces even though we probably only hit 1/8th of the mall... Here are some of my finds and trend watching along the way!:
Look at these neon stunners from Aldo. Neon EVERYWHERE
How fun are these? I think it would have been fun to be a designer for Spring 2012.. bright colors, patterns and bold designs.
How awesome is this ?! Found it at Urban
Haha also from Urban. Such neat gifts there! love it.
Got this cute top on sale for $39.99 at Anthropologie. LOVE their clothes!
This dress looks AMAZING on!!! On sale for $49 from $80
Ladder stitch cardigan for $29.95 instead of $88 WOO!
Love the back and it can also be worn with your head through the hole so the cross is in the front of the sweater.
Didn't get the top I'm wearing but see the mint one in the background with black birds?! It looks awesome on and I scored it at Winners for $19.99 YaY!
Scored this BENCH cozy jacket on sales for $50 from $150! So warm :)
You likey? I've always wanted a Bench coat. Yay!
Neon lace skirt from Urban... Why? Because it is fun and I am going to pair it with a black tank and sky high black heels. This little gal was on sale for $19 from $89. SCORE!
Of all the cheap, teeny-bopper stores I like Garage best. $10
$10. I find their clothes wash really well and last a long time surprisingly
I tried to steer completely away from jewelry, accessories and shoes but these guys caught my eye for only $8 at Garage.. They scream summer! And so does the weather we are getting woo hooo!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Coachelle Style Weekend #2

Last week I posted about all of the style during weekend #1 of Coachella and I couldn't wait to see what this weekend stirred up... The celebs did not disappoint! Here are some more examples of Coachella's funky, boho, free love fashion
Prettiest I have seen Katy Perry at Coachella!
Dita Von Teese looking tres chic in her cherry jumper and sunnies
Dita again. Sexy classy in gingham and flowered straps
Dita von Teese and Kelly Osbourne. I like that shade of purple with no roots ;)
Joe Jonas
Kristen Stewart... not a fan of this look but cute bandeau
What a coincidence. Robert Pattison ;)
Emma Roberts in mesh
Emma Roberts on the final day
Cougar Town actress Busy Philipps looking jovial :)
Tony Hawk
Sexy Alex Skarsgard.. Hellooooo ;)
LOVE this look from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley... wowza!
Alicia Silverstone with baby Bear Blu Jarecki... Many are raising the question of why an infant was brought to a music festival with temperatures rising to 108 degrees this past weekend... At least his ears are protected ;)
Neon Paris Hilton weekend 2
Paris heading to watch boyfriend DJ Afrojack perform Saturday

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Do you ever emotionally shop?! and by shop I mean break the fricken bank like I did yesterday?? Oy! So much for "I have been laying low on the shopping front yep yep"... When I was a kid and something bad would happen, my mom would pack us kids up for a shopping spree and lunch out. It would always lift our spirits and give us something to take our mind off the current situation. I think my purchases in the past few days reflect this coping mechanism. En route to a Pampered Chef show yesterday evening I was quite early so decided to 'pop' into Market Mall for a quick window shop. Although I managed to steer clear of the ice cream vendors and chocolate shops like I had originally intended.. I ended up at my favorite store there: P√úSCH. Here are my shiny new things that I am pretty damn excited about. And yes- my husband is spoiled rotten BUT it all plays into my strategy of "buy the man something and he shuts up":
I've never tried on William Rast jeans but these "Sadies" fit like a fricken gem. They were one of the few pairs that were on sale in my size.. Regular $349 and I got these for $160... Definitely the most expensive pair of jeans I have owned but they fit amazing and make me feel sexy- that is important right? James and I were just saying we need some new "going out" jeans.
They are quite long so I could wear them with heels and dress them up or down but I think these will be my going out jeans.. Love how William Rast jeans make your butt look RAWR!
Found this unique transparent blazer/cardigan that I have dubbed my "magician coat"... What drew me to it were the sparkles (obvio) but also... Take a peek at the neat back:
The back splits so that you can see whatever you are wearing underneath.. Think of paired with a nice dress OR this unique blouse that has buttons down the back and is longer in the back :)
Loving my new "magician coat" ... $60
Backwards tuxedo shirt... $45
Plain with little pockets on the front. I think I could really wear some funky jewelry with it!
Yay for new outfits!
James was spoiled with a new pair of William Rast jeans too.. His first pair of truly nice jeans EVER! He is normally a Wal Mart, Mark's or Winners boy for jeans.. hehe. Got them on sale for $130, regular $299
On him.. bad photo but they look AWESOME!
And I *may* have bought this cotton dress from Purr at lunch... It was on sale for $44.99 from $84... and *perhaps* the long cowel neck in the background that was on for $24... AHH SOMEONE STOP MEEEE!
Comfy and I could wear to work, out for a night on the town, out for dinner etc.. Versatile!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stella & Dot

Happy hump day! I am part of a great ladies networking group which started last month and last night I attended the Stella & Dot party which was April's home business. There are 10 of us and we drew names out of a hat for the month and party we would be hosting. The person who hosts gets a big shopping spree and then the consultant ends up getting a show out of the deal too so it works out really well. Each guest is committed to $50 per month for each party and it's kind of fun having to spend money. HA! Last month was Body by Vi - ViSalus and I just bought some protein powder which is quite tasty for my morning shakes.. and is gluten/lactose free unlike most whey protein. Here is what I purchased last night.. I LOVE Stella & Dot. I have also posted some of my other favorite pieces from them this season:
This is the "Stevie Necklace" which looked amazing with what I was wearing last night and yesterday's Coachella blog post definitely inspired me to get this chain fringe necklace for $94. The white bronze plated steel fringe hangs from rows of interwoven rings and is accented with faceted metal studs. Photos do NOT do this stunner justice! I am often partial to daintier necklaces but I wanted a statement piece.
I think I could dress it up or down and it will be good for Stampede :)
I love the way it looks on and how it lays super flat.
This serenity necklace was gorgeous in real life.. $208 though I couldn't justify it ;)
I have the matching "Renegade" ring to these two necklaces so I really was tempted by these two.. The shorter one is the "Renegade Cluster Necklace" for $64 and the longer is the Renegade layering necklace for $74... Still tempted.. haha I think I would just get the long, layering necklace to pair with some of my shorter gold chains.
Guess what.. I WON THESE!!! Yay! These are the Talia Teardrops for $42. :)
Last time I was at a show I won these!!! My jewelry obsession is not my fault I swear ;)
I want this shiny cuff bracelet dammit. SO shiny in real life. $108
How sexy is this chantilly lace cuff and chandelier earring combo??? LOVE! $54 for the earrings and $104 for the cuff.... I need a good gold cuff after my gold Lia Sophia one snapped sadly enough.