Friday, October 19, 2012

Pajama Jeans.. and some COMFY dress pants

If I had my choice- I would never wear pants. No pants to work, no pants at home. No pants DANCE! I don't like the way they feel around my belly. I don't like the flexibility of them. I prefer Lululemon pants obviously or long t shirts with no pants at all. I mean- is there such thing as comfortable underwear? I have yet to find it. I did see these new beauties online today though that are apparently the new rage. Pajama Jeans?! Rachel Ray had them on her show recently and hell- they aren't have bad. Above is the official infomercial and I am pretty much Goddamn sold. They use a material called "dormisoft" even have pockets with stitching and embellishments for $39.99. What? These could probably fool most men and it might be worth it to give them a try... For around the house that is ;) Here are some photos:
I quite like the dark denim actually
Cozy! No buttons to leave impressions on your skin.
My newest co-worker has introduced me to these incredible "Premium" brand dress pants that are like wearing pajama pants. Club Monaco currently is selling them from $65-110 and we found them at RW & Co. today in a slew of different colors for $39.50 - $55. SOLD! These pants literally slip on like leggings and are SO comfortable. Colors included purple, red, indigo blue, grey, dark grey, black, khaki, etc. Here are the ones I got:
Look at these beauts! I love the suede detail on the inside of the leg and they look super nice on. And are sooo comfortable! I haven't shopped at RW & Co. in forever- I'm glad I have rediscovered them again. These guys were $55 but you can get just plain black with no insert for $49
This is the magic in these pants folks- elastic waistband. Oh yes. No buttons or snaps or hooks or the usual bullshit that dress pants have.
And in red! The fabric is quite different with these. Almost like a stretchy silk or something. AND these were only $39.50 and look like a lot more than that when they are on.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


I'm definitely guilty of emotional shopping.. you?!
AND you have something to show for it ;)
If you want it... you should probablyyy buy it
Or my other excuse: blog research of course.
Bucket List!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wedding trend- ombre

I was Googling something random and found Gwen Stefani's unique wedding dress and then discovered a trend going on with weddings- ombre! What do you think of this trend? I personally think it is beautiful but would worry it would be too, "trendy" in years to come looking back at photos.
I think this dress really suits her.
I think she looks angelic and I like how the pink fades
Infamous post ceremony photo
Ombre wedding dress? I love it!
Incredible silhouette from Versace
Peachy keen
I love this dress for a formal event that isn't a wedding too!
Seattle-based women's dress designer Wai-Ching
Julia Stiles in the Monique Lhuillier stunner and Gwyneth Paltrow in an ombre number
Match the cake?
Beautiful umbrella and pink gown
Another confection from Versace
Pretty! I wonder if you would look back on photos and regret choosing a trendy gown?
Super unique.
I never thought of matching my dress to my cake, did you ?!
Gwen Stefani was clearly just ahead of her time. I adore this dress on this bride.
What a great idea. In my bouquet I had four different flowers and each of my bridesmaids had one type of flower so when you put them all together- it was my bouquet!
How about an ombre color theme? I think the chair covers looks neat
Unique for a winter or holiday wedding
*SIGH* can we get married again for the shiny things and pinterest coming out AFTER I was married ;)
Hipster wedding
Beauty bridesmaid dress